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    Insuring a '68?

    Hey all I've been slowly restoing a '68 Yamaha 2 stroke for the past while now, haven't paid attention to motorcycle insurance in a few years however, which companies would insure a bike that old? Not as daily driver, ideally it'd be on the road for 4-5 months in the summer so I wouldn't mind...
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    WANTED 1968 Yamaha YDS5 Parts

    As the title says I'm looking for any parts for a 68 YDS5, I'll take a look at anything for spares, but the bike could do with a set of mint fenders, original handlebar controls or any airbox parts. If anyone has a luggage rack for one of these I'd be all over that as well. I'm located in...
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    68 Yamaha YDS5-E

    Hey there, so just before this last summer on a local classifieds site a 1968 Yamaha YDS5 popped up, this was actually the same bike that I had been looking at the summer prior and was going to arrange a trip to go see it and potentially purchase it but some stuff came up and I didn't have the...
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    LF: Yamaha RD200/Other 175-250cc 2 Strokes (NO DIRTBIKES) Southern Ont, Canada

    As the title suggests, looking for a Yamaha RD200/250 or any other 175-250cc 2 stroke motorcycle from the 1965-1980 era, no dirtbikes or enduros please, just streetbikes.
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    Looking for a Sub 250cc motorcycle

    Welp, after trying all of the conventional methods (kijiji, cvmg, vrra, paris) I couldn't find what I'm looking for. Pretty much looking for any Sub 250cc bike, 2 stroke or 4, I have preference on the Hondas, CB 100/125/160/175 but I'll take a look at/consider almost anything, assuming it's not...
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    1975 Yamaha RS 100 2 smoke

    Finally.. I get to post a build thread :) Stock seat pan looks ok Don't plan on going too crazy with it, black Forks/Frame/Engine/Wheels, with Volvo Grey for the Tank/Seat (Probably a different tank and a Fiberglass seat). Clubmans upfront since clipons don't exactly fit on those forks...
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    CB 200t Questions

    Well, I've been given the oppertunity to purchase a 75' Honda CB200t, after having my eye on the CB 160/175 I'd assume that the 200 would be a bit of a bigger bike, but from what I've researched it seems to be running slower than the 175? I'm not looking to go fast as I am a new rider, and this...
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    LF: Honda CB 160/175/200 S. Ontario

    I'm looking for a late 60s early 70s Honda CB 160, 175 or 200, looking for a project bike to cafe so not looking to butcher any restoration jobs, just a cheap bike, even if it's in rough condition I'll take anything I can get. Looking for someone who has the ownership, or would be willing to...
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    Low CC equivalents?

    Well, I've been searching for a low CC bike to purchase for the last little while, though I've been a bit narrow with my criteria, looking only for CB175/160s, are there many bikes of other manufacturers which would be more or less equivalent in engine displacement, and part availability? I've...
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    WTB: Honda low CC ish ~ Ontario

    Well I'm looking for a project bike, something that can be made into a cafe racer without feeling any guilt, I'm looking for lower CC's (160, 175) for cheaper insurance, but nothing too low that I can't take it on faster roads. While I'd prefer a Honda (did a bunch of research, got manuals and...
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    Which bike is this? BMW Cafe/Bobber ~

    Well, I found this pic on my harddrive the other day and was wondering which bike it was, I remember reading an article two days ago in a magazine about some older BMW bikes, and I think I heard the name R75 or R80 tossed around, searched them up and found two bikes with similar looking engines...
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    Looking for CB250/350 CL360 in Southern Ontario

    Looking for a CB250 or 350, or more preferably, a CL360 in Southern Ontario area, I'm in Mississauga right now, can go to Guelph, Toronto, Kitchener etc. if need be. I'm basically looking for a winter project.
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