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    Fuel Tank Safety Foam

    I started looking at fuel tank safety foam again after a previous post here and wondered how many people use it, their experience with it, etc. etc. etc. I was going to post a few comments on its use, but intended post ended up being a bit wordy so I thought maybe I'd listen first and post...
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    Ignition Advance

    Hi all, Posted something similar on the VRRA website but seeing as a lot of you don't go there, well, here ya go... Was ****ing around with one of my 175 Honda twins today, checking the ignition and the advance, blah blah blah. Anyway, my understanding of the ignition advance on the bike is that...
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    87 Cents

    87 CENTS I was told this story by a friend of a friend of someone I know, probably 5 years ago. I have no reason to doubt the facts as stated and if anything, I think it is more pertinent today than ever. I live in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area – a big city with big city problems. Homeless...
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    Check Yer New Wheel Bearings for Grease

    Hi all, Also posted this on the VRRA site, but seeing as not everyone goes there, might as well share the joy. Was getting ready to install a couple sets of wheel bearings today - mine are "2RS" - ie., rubber seal on both sides and... just for shits and giggles - and 'cause a really good bike...
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    1977 GS550 Suzuki Spoked Rim Conversion to "Mags" - who has done it?

    Hi All, Have been tinkering with my '77 GS550 again and one of the upgrades I'm pondering is to go to a mag-type wheel set. Have done a bunch of other mods to the bike and thought wider / more modern rims would be neat - I love the look of the old '70's superbikes with Dymags, but those are...
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    WTB Honda 175 twin ignition advance springs or 6 Volt Electronic Ignition

    Happy Canada Day Everyone! As the subject line says, looking for a set of ignition advance springs for my CD175. CB/CL/SL are probably all the same, like the points. Years ago, I could buy various tension springs to tailor the advance curve, but Gerald Ford was still president LOL. The only...
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    L. F. CD175 Honda Ignition Advance Springs and 6 V Electronic Ignition Advice

    Happy Canada Day Everyone! As the subject line says, looking for a good set of ignition advance springs for my CD175. CB/CL/SL are probably all the same, like the points. Years ago, I could buy various tension springs to tailor the advance curve, but Gerald Ford was still president LOL. The...
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    Pacomotorstuff "End of the Road" sale at Paris ON. June 15, Sat 16

    Hi all, We're having our "End of the Road" sale on all remaining Pacomotorstuff fiberglass parts at the CVMG National Rally in Paris, ON this weekend. Fenders are $55.00 including tax, so almost 50% off list price in some cases. Seats are $115.00 including tax, so savings of 25% to 40% depending...
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    Nice CB750 Cafe Racer at the Toronto Spring Motorcycle Show

    Hi all, I've attached a couple of photos of a nice CB750 SOHC cafe racer that won Best Cafe at the recent Toronto Spring Motorcycle Show. The photo of the fat old bearded guy is me, taken a couple of months ago and the other one was taken when the award was presented at the show There is a nice...
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    Pacomotorstuff Fiberglass Moulds for Sale

    PACOMOTORSTUFF FIBERGLASS MOULDS FOR SALE Hard to believe we’ve been building vintage motorcycle fiberglass for 15 years …and now, it's over. Anyway, Pacomotorstuff has stopped building motorcycle parts (still in business, just not building bike parts anymore), so, we have our moulds for sale...
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    Pacomotorstuff 20% Off List Price Sale for February

    Pacomotorstuff Parts 20% off List Price for February We’ve already posted an ad regarding a 20% discount for our CB350 road race / café kits and decided, what the heck, let’s do 20% off list price for all the fiberglass we have in stock - and then we thought, let’s do that with the windscreens...
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    CB350 Fiberglass Bodywork Road Race / Cafe Kit for 2018

    We’ve put together a couple of CB350 Road Race / Cafe fiberglass bodywork kits to save your racers and cafe folks a few bucks - the kits are 20% off list price. Parts supplied are: 1 seat (roundtail or squaretail) 1 front fender 1 rear underfender 3 oval numberplates Before you order, make sure...
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    Early TZ250/350 Chassis and bits for sale

    I'm posting this ad for a friend. Please contact Paul directly for additional info on the parts. "Selling some parts from an estate. Early steel TZ250/350 frame (pre-low boy) and steel swing arm. Also two radiators, four barrels (247cc+249cc),two heads, pair of good pistons, and a twin cable...
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    Richard Purdon Memorial Swap Meet Sept. 10

    The poster says it all. Hope to see you there. Pat
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    CTMP (Mosport) Canadian Grand Prix 50th Anniversary Pics

    August 11, 12, and 13th was the Vintage Festival / 50th Anniversary of the only Canadian Motorcycle Grand Prix ever held. Between running the booth, bumping into people I hadn't seen in ages and trying to help out riders when I could, I managed to pop a few photos. My friend Paul had his...
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    CVMG Paris National Meet June 16, 17, 18

    Hope to see a lot of the DTT crowd at the Paris CVMG National Rally on June 16, 17, 18. The 16th is just a half day event - noon to five and the big day is Sat. Jun 17th. See the poster.
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    Quinte TT this weekend

    Hi all, Most of you probably already know about this, but here is the poster for the Quinte TT. Pat
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    Paris Ontario April 29.

    Just a reminder that there is a swap meet at the Paris Ontario Fairgrounds from 8:00 AM 'til noon or thereabouts. Clean out the garage and make a few bucks. 5 bucks to get in and set up a table - or just walk around. Organized by the Kitchener Section of the CVMG. Hope to see you there. Pat
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    1972 CD175 Battery 6 Volt Battery Ampere-hour Capacity

    I've deleted the electric starter on the Baby Tracker, but kept it 6 Volts (it's a CD175) - seems to have bright enough lights, so why not? I would like to use a 6 Volt, 5 ampere-hour sealed battery for it - a lot smaller physically but half the ampere-hour rating of the original. I changed...
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    Half Inch Peel'n'Stick Racer Seat Foam is Back in Stock

    This is mainly for Canadian DTT members as we're based near Toronto, Ontario - but we'll ship anywhere as long as you pay for it (we've done Japan and Europe). Like the subject line says, "Half Inch Peel'n'Stick Racer Seat Foam is Back in Stock". We've just gotten our first batch in, looks to be...
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