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    CB350F cafe seat in Ottawa Ontario

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    NOS tanks - Benelli, 400T, TX650 - Ottawa kijiji

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    ON THE ROAD!!!!! Project two---a CB400F

    Hi again all, Bought this '75 CB400Four back in the spring of 2016. It's in real good condition, but I have no real overarching urge to do the 'restore to factory''s just not something I'm interested in. Two owners (one of whom is a friend and the other owner is a friend of...
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    1975 CB125s an hour north of Ottawa Ontario $400

    Spotted this on Kijiji tonight. Only one little picture, and my French translation abilities have me thinking it's got no ownership, but it looks like a great project starting point...
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    fellow DTT'er featured on BikeEXIF

    OK----this is friggin' cool. Congrats sbaugz!!!!!
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    CB200 on kijiji, Barrie Ontario

    c'mon all you fellow Ontarians....somebody go scoop this.
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    T500 build-----It's on the ROAD!!!

    Cheers from Ottawa Ontario, A fella could spend weeks browsing though all the stuff here on this site. What a resource. With my limited experience doing this sort of thing, and without spending a fortune, I'm hoping to end up with a decent looking cafe bike. Nothing crazy, and reuse as...
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    fibreglass fuel tanks....almost afraid to ask....

    Right. Not asking for anyone to say ABC Co's fibreglass fuel tanks are better/worse than XYZ Inc's....but for a carb'd street bike, running street gas, that will get ridden a handful times per month, leaving the "Not DOT approved" statements all I nuts for considering a fibreglass...
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    '73 T500

    Hey gang, New here---just started looking around. Some nice stuff, and tons of knowledge/wisdom/experience. And that was just page 1! Picked up a 99.5% complete 1973 Suzuki T500 that's been (literally) sitting in a barn for 20 years. Came with ownership and key, and an engine that will turn...
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