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    Best "free" Photoshop style tool for custom designing?

    I usually set stuff together, stand back and squint and take my best shot. But with the cafe racer build I'm doing, it just seems a bit harder to imagine the new tank, mufflers, Paint scheme etc. there must be a good tool out there but it will be all new to me. Can others share what they are...
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    Chinese rear sets

    I bought some Chinese rear sets for my sv 650. They where not to bad specially for the price I needed to rework the gear shift linkage and and could not workout the brake switch,but I got it all working and am happy with it. The only thing I am thinking of changing is fitting some spring...
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    SV650 cafe seat and frame

    Still working on the rear frame for my sv650 cafe racer. plans keep changing, the lithium battery which blew up was going in the tail. Due to budget I will run the gel battery that was in the bike when I got it. so electrics in the tail and battery on its side hard up under the seat (about 50mm...
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    Exhaust back pressure regulator

    Quite round town not so quite wot Still playing with my muffler. with 3 discs noise was about 92 dba at 4500rpm (94 being legal limit) but after a day of riding the noise dropped more it lost power and the front pipe when blue. so i tried 5 discs again (too loud) so not wanting a repeat problem...
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    Making a rear seat cowl

    At this point about 4 hrs of work on the plug I will use to make a fiberglass mould. So far i have used Some old timber slats (pre warped with slighht curve) thick card board peace of 3mm ply i snapped in peaces (for front curve about...
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    budget sv650 cafe racer

    Dispite being a budget build I am keen to make this a great bike to ride and to look at. Already fixed the road worthy bits, and today trial fitted the clip ons and mirror, thinking of keeping the old risers to mount my G Tech RR for performance testing
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    Make stands to support your bike

    Early days on my project, but thought I would share some pictures of the stands I put together to help me work on my Bike. Made mostly from metal I had around and a golf bag trolly for the triple stand. total cost under $100 mostly on rattle cans. Center stand utilizes a spare hole cast on the...
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    Saying Hi from Australia as I start my first cafe racer build

    Hi, I'm not a young fella but I've been round coustom vehicles all my life. So I was keen to do a cafe racer build some thing I havn't done before. My bike of choice honda cb750, was out of my budget, although I was looking and had a plan, but as it happened I was doing a job at a work shop and...
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