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  1. ridesolo

    This showed up on the MOA forum...

    ...thought the folks here would probably get a charge out of it,
  2. ridesolo

    Great article about GPS

    This link was posted on the BMW MOA forum. Thought I'd share it here, others might get as much out of it as I did.
  3. ridesolo

    Project: Triple Surprise

    I knew my next project would come along sooner or later. Since I'll be spending the winter in Ohio rather than going south this one has come along at an opportune time. An older gent near here got this a few years ago and I helped him find a new, oversize piston and get the cylinder bored for...
  4. ridesolo

    Mesh Armored Riding Jackets - 2 - EXL & Joe Rocket - CONSIDERING OFFERS!

    I've got two Mesh riding jackets that I'd like to go to someone who will put them to good use. Please read carefully and consider one or the other based on your actual size not based on the size you usually wear. For reference I'm 5'9", 210 lbs, and wear sz 38 jeans. First is a black EXL Mesh...
  5. ridesolo

    Does anybody on here own a BMW R50, R60?

    If you have a BMW R50, R50/2, R50S, R50US, R60, R60/2, R60US, R69, R69S, or R69US (or if you have a friend or relative who does)
  6. ridesolo

    '77 750 Hondamatic - value?

    I've got a chance to pick up a '77 750 Hondamatic, 30k miles, decent condition, farkled w/ sissy bar & rack, very decent looking, runs but will need carb rebuild. Price probably between $500 and $800. Know these aren't the most desirable for what most of us here on DTT do, but I'm not sure...
  7. ridesolo

    Levi & Cory's Excellent Adventure

    Combine perfect weather, the surprisingly good riding roads in the Mohican area of North Central Ohio, and a couple of Beemers. (Sing "Oil Head and AIr Head..." to the tume of "Ebony and Ivory." if you want.). We put on around 150 or more miles and had a nice afternoon.
  8. ridesolo

    Mopeds - Worth Messing With???

    Quick question: The Mrs has had a fascination w/ mopeds and has come across a chance to buy a couple for $200 each. They have been dry stored indoors for years but will for sure need carbs rebuilt as a minimum. I can and will get a brand and model by looking in a window but preliminarily, is...
  9. ridesolo

    Original Gold Wing Estate Sale, 30k miles, One owner! Nice looking machine. Says not ridden since '87 - '88
  10. ridesolo

    Spark plug for the 378 modified CB/CL360

    Question for the owners of 378 modified 360s: Is there a better spark plug than the stock spec to use in a 378?
  11. ridesolo

    Post a pic of bikes you've owned in the past

    I came across pictures of some of my old bikes and it occurred to me that maybe a thread for "pictures of bikes you've owned in the past" might be appropriate. Here area few of mine: Early on it was evident that I like low handlebars: 1982 Suzuki GS550M Katana. 1985 Kawasaki GPz750...
  12. ridesolo

    Ok, give me a hand here... it starts and runs, tuning advice?

    I maintain that I am not a mechanic. I can twist a wrench, turn a screwdriver, take things apart, and put ‘em back together. However short of changing oil and filter and other basic tasks I really don’t consider myself to be a mechanic. (I've been wrenching on this thing for YEARS off and on...
  13. ridesolo

    Sometimes ya wonder...

    I live on a street that goes down into a city park so there's usually lots of traffic in the summer. This evening I heard a very loud bike coming down the street and pull up to the stop sign in front of the house then loudly blast on down toward the park; I really didn't pay all that much...
  14. ridesolo


    I’m pretty sure the attached pix is of a solenoid from a Honda. Can’t remember if it’s from a ‘72 350 or a ‘75 360 but either way, if it’s still working, it should do the trick. Info on hooking it up would be appreciated. Tell me if I’m correct. 1. Large wire, black w/ red band to the...
  15. ridesolo

    CB/CL360 Starter Motor & Chain

    Looking for a working starter motor, small front sprocket, and chain for a ‘74-‘76 CB/CL/CJ360. Drop a note to let me know what you’ve got and how much you need for it as well as shipping to 44820.
  16. ridesolo

    Dual vs. Single Throttle Cables

    I've got to get off my posterior and order new clutch and throttle cables for the 360/378 so I can get it finally buttoned up and done. I need cables shorter by 6-8 inches so I'm ordering cable kits that I can set to the right length. I've never completely understood the need for the dual...
  17. ridesolo

    Filler spots showing through

    Very recently I remember seeing a member here w/ spots showing through their paint. I looked around to find the thread w/ no success, so I thought I’d post the question. I had a couple of spots I wanted to clean up/ smooth out and also had a spot that looked like what’s shown in the picture...
  18. ridesolo

    Venhill cables any good?

    Any experience here w/ Venhill Cables? Seem to have good prices but have never heard of them before.
  19. ridesolo

    What's your EDC? (What is Every Day Carry?)

    I’ve been interested in EDC (Every Day Carry) for some time and a while back it occurred to me that a discussion about EDC might make for an interesting thread on here. Sure, it’s not specifically motorcycle related, but we seem to veer off onto numerous assorted topics so why not throw it out...
  20. ridesolo

    1996 - Fairbanks, AK to West Virginia... and back in three weeks.

    In 1995 I was stationed near Fairbanks, AK. I had been active with the (then) Honda Sport Touring Association (now the Motorcycle Sport Touring Association) before I moved to AK and took along my 1989 Honda Pacific Coast. I had ridden w/ the HSTA when I lived in northern New York state and I...
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