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  1. MrMister

    Looking for long headlight brackets.

    Hi, does anyone know where I can find some extra long headlight brackets? 7 1/2 inches (19-20cm) or so. To fit 33mm forks. The obvious alternative is extensions, but if I can find solid parts first, why not?
  2. MrMister

    Foldable foot pegs

    Hit my ankle joint while kickstarting one too many times. Does anyone know where I can find some foldable m8 foot pegs? (for dcc rearsets) I've only been able to find spring loaded ones that stay down, looking for ones that are able to stay up.
  3. MrMister

    CB200 kickstart alternative?

    75 CB200 project. Longer rear shocks = wheel bolt and nut hitting mufflers = Spacers on mufflers = wider mufflers = kickstart hitting mufflers = (different kickstart?) Anyone know of a wider kickstart that would fit a cb200? About 3/4- 1 inch wider clearance. Sent from my iPhone using DO...
  4. MrMister

    CB378 high compression *HELP*

    Good day everyone. It's been about a year since my 378 swap, and since I did, the compression has been high. I'm about ready to pull the engine again and get even thicker gaskets from Lani to get it perfect. All i can think is that the head must have been shaved without my knowing it at some...
  5. MrMister


    Universal flyscreen for any bike with a standard 7"(bulb diameter) round headlight. Fits headlights with 7.5"-7.75" in diameter. The headlight opening/hole is 8" across. It is about 16" tall from bottom to top. Inside mounting surface is 9" apart. $80 with free shipping. Accidentally...
  6. MrMister

    Help identifying part.

    Hi everyone. I went through some old parts boxes and came across a strange piece that I can’t identify. I went through the workshop manual a hundred times and can’t find it anywhere. Wonder if anyone here might know what it is. Most likely off a cb360. It’s off set like a cam, which confuses...
  7. MrMister

    Wanted CB200 air filters

    Hi Everyone. I’m looking for good condition stock air filters and rubber fittings for CB200. If they’re old filters, then just the rubber tubes. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using DO THE TON
  8. MrMister

    75 CB200T build

    Picked up a little runner that needs some tlc, for my wife to learn on. All that was needed was the front brake. (Which I later learned wasn’t an easy part to track down.) Sent from my iPhone using DO THE TON
  9. MrMister

    Looking for Cb200 front brake / parts

    Hi Everyone. I recently bought a 75 cb200 that was missing the front brake. Purchased a used one on eBay but the metal ring that holds the actuator broke while I was de rusting it. Does anyone have one or know where I could get one? Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using DO THE TON
  10. MrMister

    CB360 D porting

    Hi everyone. I'm doing the 378 conversion right now and thought I'd D port the exhaust ports while its all apart. Does anyone have any experience with this?
  11. MrMister

    CB360 fuel flow issue sorted

    I've come across a lot of people writing about this, so thought I'd share my findings. Regarding the fuel flow. Its to do with the pressure/vacuum build up in the fuel tank of the CB360's. Works fine when the tank is full right? As soon as it gets half, it wont flow anymore? The breather/sealer...
  12. MrMister

    1972 Honda CB350 Cafe racer for sale in Australia

    Hey everyone. Im moving back to the states and sadly have to depart with my Baby. I have some interest coming to take a look later in the week, but if anyone is genuinely interested let me know. Asking $6,900 but will take $6,500. Newcastle Area. Text or call me on 040 385 0367
  13. MrMister

    75 CL360 Cafe Build

    Well im about half way with the project, but a friend of mine suggested i write about it so here i am. Started off as a $250 ebay doorstop missing the engine. Bent forks, bent shock, dents (and wasps) in the frame with a lot of mud and rocks too. Right now its in a million pieces in a million...
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