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  1. NvgtrWiggles

    Ninja engine in CB frame.

    So I went to Backfire Moto in Seattle, WA. Lots of cool bikes there that night. What caught my eye was this guy sitting innocuously against a light post. Didn't even have a kickstand or centerstand. Just leaned up like a bicycle. Huh, weird looking bike... Then I looked closer and saw the Ninja...
  2. NvgtrWiggles

    CB400TII "Bruce Campbell"

    So I guess I've been registered here for 3 years and haven't posted a build yet. I bought this bike about the same time. It had some kinks when I first got it (leaked a bit and idled horribly.) It's a '78 CB400TII that started off almost 100% stock save for some superbike bars and a missing...
  3. NvgtrWiggles

    Awesome craigslist description Damn it, this man should've sold door to door. He sure has a way with words.
  4. NvgtrWiggles

    Cylinder sleeves not lined up?

    Have some jugs I bought off e-bay for a CB400t, and I noticed that the top of the sleeves aren't quite level with the gasket surface. Is this kosher, or am I going to have to get this fixed? Is this something I can fix at home? Lost at this one. Edit: The top of the sleeves are about .010...
  5. NvgtrWiggles

    CB400t Pilot Screw Washer

    I posted the same question to, but they're a bit slow so I figured I'd try here too: I'm looking for washers for the CB400T pilot screws. The previous owner removed them for some reason. I tried sourcing new screw sets from bikebandit, cheapcycleparts, and my local Honda...
  6. NvgtrWiggles

    Spraymax over Appliance Epoxy?

    Does anyone have any experience with spraying Spraymax 2k over Appliance Epoxy? I've got a couple cans of Appliance Epoxy, and I'm wondering if it would be okay to go ahead with it or if I should look towards getting something else to pain my tank with. Thanks.
  7. NvgtrWiggles

    Adventure Prone - A couple dudes on Hondas Pretty entertaining. They do some pretty long distances on cafe racers.
  8. NvgtrWiggles

    CB400T jet needle spacer?

    So I noticed my bike ('78 CB400T) was running a bit off, so I decided to tear into the carbs and see what was up. I noticed there was a little spacer in between the jet needle and seat. I said to myself, "That's weird. That's not in any of the diagrams I've seen." So I pulled them out, and set...
  9. NvgtrWiggles

    Voxan - Modern Cafe Racers I'm surprised I haven't seen this here before. In my opinion, these are what a modern cafe racer should look like (maybe no the the V-Twin part of it.) Still, the French make good looking bikes. A shame their company got bought out. From...
  10. NvgtrWiggles

    Cafe Madass

    Just an idea I had earlier. Would make a fun scoot, and I think it's plenty doable. Not that I have the money to do it. What do you think?
  11. NvgtrWiggles

    Wire frame Glass seat I know this build has been posted a couple times already, but I thought you guys would like to see how he did his seat. Looks like a pretty good alternative to having bits of blue foam everywhere.
  12. NvgtrWiggles

    cb400t/cm400 timing chain installation

    Got a small problem putting the timing chain onto the cam sprocket. The service manual says to just simply put it on there, but it seems like I don't have enough slack on the chain. Is there a certain way to go about this, or am I going to just have to split the chain?
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