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  1. The Limey

    UK Ford Fusion

    Started life as a 1400cc 4 pot with a tarmac rippling 78bhp. It now has a 1700cc VVTi motor from a Ford Puma, which provided a sprightly 124bhp. Ramair induction kit and a Ford Racing Puma plenum bestows it with 135bhp. It weighs 1100kg so is pretty sprightly. Other than some very minor...
  2. The Limey

    Rustoleum Hard Hat Clear

    I've been using this as it's half the price of Spraymax. It dries very hard, crystal clear, and retains that sharp glassy shine that single pack lacquers typically lose after a month or so of curing. I do not know how resilient it may be to fuel spillage so I can't recommend it for tank work...
  3. The Limey

    My wheels

    Never been really into cars. For me they're transport, A to B as comfortably, reliably and cheaply as possible. After my Kia caught fire and gave itself a Viking funeral just before Christmas I bought this wee beastie. It's a Ford Fusion, with a mighty powerhouse of a 1.4 petrol motor. Its...
  4. The Limey

    FZR600 Neo-Cafe

    As mentioned in my intro post, I've just started work on a 1991 Cafe type project. I've had a think, and I'm pretty sure that no matter what I do it'll never look like it was made in 1960! However, the Cafe racer ethos appeals, and I've planned a machine that's going to be true to the ideals...
  5. The Limey

    Greetings from Blighty

    Long time lurker, first time poster I'm from central England, Father and Grandfather. Owned many a bike in my time from old English iron, through BMWs, and Jap plastic. Loved them all. Last owned a bike in 2010, but I'm retiring from full time work this wanted a project to work on. Ive...
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