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  1. 50gary

    1981 GS750E (GSX750E) Rat Cafe Racer

    Nice seat mounts (release pins) Cheers, 50gary
  2. 50gary

    1981 GS750E (GSX750E) Rat Cafe Racer

    That's a given, removing calipers before wheel. But the point in question is that the wrong way mounted calipers creates the problem situation I.E. that the wheel (hub) won't fit because of the offset of the calipers when mounted incorrectly. Cheers, 50gary
  3. 50gary

    1981 GS750E (GSX750E) Rat Cafe Racer

    You have the brake calipers mounted upside down. The witness is the bleeder nipples should be at the top of the caliper to vent the air. Flip the calipers and right side up to gain more clearance. Can happen to anyone. Cheers, 50gary
  4. 50gary

    Official "Show off your helmet" thread

    "Hold Fast" Is the Clan McLeod Motto. I'm McLeod on my Mother's side. Scotland
  5. 50gary


    I live in Michigan the place in the United States with 'the' most stringent lockdown rules in the country. I don't like being under house arrest by Madame Commandant Vitmar. The economy has virtually stopped, not good. Life is risk versus reward, any motorcycle rider understands that. The...
  6. 50gary

    Texas Two Step Taco

    How fast will a Bultaco 360CC go? "Are those tires speed rated by any chance?" I would have used a bandsaw to cut 90% of that flywheel off, then finished it on the lathe. Why does the orange drag bike have the leading axle forks seemingly turned backwards? I'm not familiar with Bultacos or why...
  7. 50gary

    Project Ground Pounder -1981 Suzuki DR500

    Photogenic, ingenious, good job. Like it alot. Cheers, 50gary
  8. 50gary

    Sell me on the XS650 (vs the CX500)

    My XS650 built in 2003/4 - R6 front end FZR linked mono shock, 160/70/17" rear on a 4.5" x 17" Suzuki SV wheel (matches the R6 front pattern.) RD 400 tank, SV650 tail light in modded TT seat. 2/1 headers hand built (open) thumb brake on the rear. The XS 650 is probably the most customized...
  9. 50gary

    '77 Yamaha RD400 "Jigsaw Puzzle"

    Better late than never, click'. I have the same bike in about the same condition. Cheers, 50gary
  10. 50gary

    Texas Two Step Taco

    The rear is an S but the Firestone front is not rated. Umm... How fast is a 360 Bultaco going to go in 660'? Looks like a lot of fun. I think speed ratings are for sustained speeds? Cheers, 50gary
  11. 50gary

    Issue centering this comstar wheel

    Thanks for the kind words, the bike came out well I'm happy and that was almost ten years ago. The hardware came right from an aircraft supply house, aircraft guys are real picky so I thought it would do the job and it did. At first I called an aftermarket wheel manufacturer thinking that...
  12. 50gary

    Issue centering this comstar wheel

    Okay, if your bearings are good and your rotor adaptors are also good (equal both sides) then center the wheel assembly in the center of the forks by making two different length axle spacers. Yeah, my Comstars have steel "plate spokes" not aluminum as the reverse do. Also the reverse spokes...
  13. 50gary

    Issue centering this comstar wheel

    In your drawing (first post) Bearing A is not completely pressed into the hub resulting in the misalignment. Pure guess is that the bearings are somewhat wider (ht.) than the OEM bearings and you pressed bearing B in first then put the internal center spacer in then pressed in bearing A and...
  14. 50gary

    Issue centering this comstar wheel

    This is my Comstar wheel, the front as pictured is built from three different Comstars. The rim is a rear 2.15" x 18" with a CB900 hub machined to accept larger bearings for the modern larger axle and the plate spokes are original pattern Comstar from a 1.85" x 18" I used real aircraft hardware...
  15. 50gary

    Building a CB160 with my daughters

    Love the CB160, I have rolling chassis and that it! Might put a YZ125 in it some day. Cheers, 50gary
  16. 50gary

    Brat/rat first chop

    I used a 2000 conventional R6 front end on my XS650 de-raked t o24 degrees. I didn't want the look of USD forks on this bike. Cheers, 50gary
  17. 50gary

    My Suzi T500 Project *It's Alive Video*

    Yepper, post 595. Cheers, 50gary
  18. 50gary

    My Suzi T500 Project *It's Alive Video*

    Much more perfect. Have fun at El Mirage. Cheers, 50gary
  19. 50gary

    1979 cb750f wheels on a '78 cb750f.

    I haven't been to the DTT in a while. I did my Comstar conversion some years ago humm maybe 2009 or '10? Anyway, I used Suzuki GSXR 750 USD foks '06, a CB900 Comstar front hub and turned the I.D. of the hub to accept the larger modern axle bearings and made a new alu. inner spacer. I used a...
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