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  1. jag767

    Cobbling together a Ducati 350

    Man, it's been a minute since I've been on here. Anyhow, in the very early stages of making something new for myself. Snagged a ducati 350 for dirt cheap on Ebay, now need to de ide what to do with it. Motor was sold ss parts, but it appears its anything but. The piston is about as rusted on as...
  2. jag767

    2002 ducati monster 750ie

    2002 ducati monster 750 with 12k miles. Bike has single sided swingarm, forks, and wheels from a 998. Rest of the work is as follows: Sargent seat, New tires (not pictured), brake pads, fluid, lines, grips, belts fork oil, oil/filter, koso multi gauge, custom exhaust, plate bracket, signals...
  3. jag767

    Because I don't have enough to do, building new frame for my Ducati.

    Almost a year ago when I started to build my ducati 160, I scrounged up parts around the shop to make a bike to go with the motor. I never planned on this being it's final form, but since people seemed to like it so much I haven't changed it. Well, that's about to change. A couple of days ago I...
  4. jag767

    1971 cb750 part out

    Full part out, only things no there are the gauges, top triple, and exhaust. Need to sell the parts fast, got hit with a $2,200 dentist bill. Engine is in running order, the bike ran well when I took it apart about 8 weeks ago. No title for the frame. Make me offers its too many parts to put a...
  5. jag767

    New CNC parts line.

    So a buddy of mine and I are feeling out starting a parts line, all CNC and 3D printed stuff. We are designing a whole bunch of things, some of which there are already versions available, and others are parts that simply can't be found. My question is, what parts would you guys like to see...
  6. jag767

    He did WHAT?!?!

    Just making a place to post up the latest in ridulous things the orange one has done. My latest favorite is encouraging police brutality while talking to the Suffolk County PD. Asshole.
  7. jag767

    The Ducati honda hybrid, or Hucati for sale. For sale. $6500 takes it. Will hold and or arrange shipping at buyers expense.
  8. jag767

    The Ducati Ebay Special

    Well, picked up this Mish mash today, and I'm not sure what to do with it. Runs good, operates well, needs a better exhaust, and I don't know what else to do with it yet. I'm open to idears! FYI it's a 2002 monster 750 with a 748 front clip and rear end. So do I call it the 749?
  9. jag767

    2002 ducati monster 750??

    I'm going to look at a 2002 monster 750 limited edition with about 10k on the clock tomorrow, looking for some input. Guy is asking 3k for it, seems to be in fair to good condition, curious what to watch out for I'm not familiar with modern dukes. Bartering my time to work on a couple of his...
  10. jag767

    Anyone ever see this???
  11. jag767

    1.20.17 the end for us all?

    Part 2 of the Trump debate....... Go!
  12. jag767

    engine displacement vs intake/exhaust port diameter

    Call it curiousity, but i'm trying to understand why this is the case. On a cb175 the intake port diameter is 21mm, and the exhaust port diameter is 35mm (actually that's the OD of the header). On a ducati monza jr 160, those numbers are the same, although the displacement is almost double on a...
  13. jag767

    cb175 motor

    Complete cb175 motor, including probe digital ignition ($500), and mikuni vm20 carbs. Runs fine, no issues, 1K on it since top end refresh. Covers polished. Asking $400 plus the ride. I will add more photos free from the bike tomorrow.
  14. jag767

    The little Ducati Featherweight

    So a little ducati motor just fell into my lap. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! I have very little idea what direction this is going in, other than the 2 words I have come to mind are cafe, and lightweight. Since this is a little guy (160 from a monza Jr) I'm kind if thinking why not try...
  15. jag767

    WTB Ducati Single

    Looking for a ducati single desmo bike or just a fully complete motor with header and carb. Either a 250, 350, or 450.
  16. jag767

    Crazy Engine idea

    Alright has a crazy idea that came from playing with a bunch of motors. Please please please only contribute in a positive manner. I want to approach this from a "how could it be done?" Manner, not a "this is why it won't work" way. That being said, everyone who has any ideas, please share them...
  17. jag767

    WTB 1972ish cb450 centerstand

    Looking for 1972ish cb450 Centerstand with pivot pin and metal spring bracket. A little rust is fine, but I need one that is mechanically sound.
  18. jag767

    1972 cb450 motor part out

    I have a complete cb450 motor, will either sell the whole thing, or part it out. currently the top end is apart, nothing appears damaged, good working order. Will post photos later. need this gone asap, already spent the money elsewhere. Please let me know what are you interested in and shoot me...
  19. jag767

    Post a picture of your trailer

    I'm currently looking to pick up an enclosed trailer, and i figured let's see what everyone has!
  20. jag767

    The Amalgam: honda past meets present, take 2! or 3?

    As I'm sure many of us here can testify, sometimes things unfold in a way where opportunities to pick up bikes/parts for a "too good to be true" price present themselves. This build starts along those lines. While going to look at a cx500 for a friend, in the corner of this guy's garage I spy a...
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