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  1. MJPriceisright

    1972 honda cb450 part out?

    heres the thread attached to the build guys, looking to maybe part with the whole bike for the right price, or start tearing it down. fyi the tank is a CB550 tank, customized and ready for paint. check the build thread for details. located in grand rapids MI...
  2. MJPriceisright

    1983 Yamaha XV 750 the "dirt tracker"

    fellas, its been a while since ive been on here, but of course its that time of year again. some things have come up lately (relocating over the big pond) that is making me unload on some of the toys. so, first on the chopping block is the ole virago. i have a complete build thread which is...
  3. MJPriceisright

    PC or Anodize?

    hey guys.. should i powder this front hub to match or should i look around to find someone to anodize the front hub and adapters that i need done? would a front pc hub look similar finish wise as the rear anodized hub? any help would be great.. i found a guy who can anodize the front hub but...
  4. MJPriceisright

    identify this tank?

    hey guys was wondering if anyone can identify this tank? its obviously already been modified, but i was told it was a cb750 tank? can anyone confirm that? thanks fellas
  5. MJPriceisright

    painting forks?

    hey guys, quick question here in the painting deparment.. i picked up some forks from a gsxr a few weeks ago for a project but i really want them black. so my question is, what would be the best paint to do it? this is low budget cause i have some other projects going on that my money is...
  6. MJPriceisright

    trackin xv750

    hey guys, been on the site for a while now, currently doing two other builds as well, one of which is a cb450 and my brother and i are doing a yamha tx500... but all the while ive been doing those builds ive always loved the xv750's and how they look stripped down.. so when i came across one in...
  7. MJPriceisright

    Yamaha TX500 alternator rotor problems! HELP!

    got into this new project working on a 73 yamaha tx500 and need some help from the gear head department. wanted to hear it crank over so we put power to the solenoid and it just free spun.. thought the starter was junk.. the extra box of parts had another starter in it that functioned fine so...
  8. MJPriceisright

    Big Bro's Yamaha TX500

    hey all, thought i would start a new thread for a new bike my brother and i picked up.. little history on the bike first. found a guy who had the bike complete, had it running (jerry rigged) and needed to rebuild the carbs. long story short, he got the wrong rebuild kit, got pissed and gave...
  9. MJPriceisright

    can i swap for these carbs??

    hey guys found this carb in my parents garage, its off a who knows what year yamaha warrior 350 four stroke... ive been debating swapping my carbs off the 72' cb450 with the mikuni vm's, but i was wondering if this flat style would be better for my bike? i have seen from doing some research...
  10. MJPriceisright

    cam chain issues on 72 CB450

    hello, i have a build thread going and i have found myself in a predicament of timing issues.. as you can see from the pictures, while the motor is at TDC, the intake cam is right on the money, but my exhaust cam is slightly off. what i can tell is that if i move it a tooth it will be then...
  11. MJPriceisright

    72 honda cb450 parts

    hey guys, got some parts id just like to get rid of, not going to put up any prices, as i dont really care what they sell for, as long as you cover shipping and some incentive to package em up they're yours. figured i would post em rather than throw em away. odometer on the gauge says like 3...
  12. MJPriceisright

    cb450 running rear mono shock, wheel width?

    hey guys, i just ordered up a bunch of parts off a honda cr500 to mount up a rear mono shock, got the swing arm, rear wheel, disc, caliper/master for about 100 bucks, no bad.. anyways, i was hoping to run at least a 120 in the rear, although i have seen guys with these dirt bikes running super...
  13. MJPriceisright

    need a CB450 18" rear spoke set!

    hey guys, looking for a complete rear wheel spoke set for a 72 cb450 with a 18" rear rim, doesnt have to be new, any returned information would be greatly appreciated!
  14. MJPriceisright

    kawasaki KE rear hub and spoke set

    hey guys, i recently disassembled a kawasaki KE rear wheel so i can use the hoop, so im left with the rear hub and spoke set.. every spoke came out real easy, never stripped, and look to be in pretty good shape, with a little love they will clean up really well.. just looking for 30 dollars...
  15. MJPriceisright

    chain breaker?

    trying to get some engine work done, need to get the cam chain broken apart, will a regualr hand held chain breaker tool do the job? or is it some specific tool i need to buy? thanks
  16. MJPriceisright

    fork tubes are rusty, any ideas?

    hey guys, just like it says, the upper portion of my fork tubes are rusty, and i have been told to try and soak them in some rust remover, then stainless steel them, then sand.. sounds good to me but was wondering if anyone has done this, which rust remover they used etc? thanks guys!
  17. MJPriceisright

    new cafe build cb450

    hey, been reading a bit for the last couple weeks on this forums, just wanted to share my story and my new project.. been riding sport bikes since i was 18, (currently 27) but have recently just fallen in love with that old school cafe racer style. so thats where im at, went out and picked up...
  18. MJPriceisright

    what wheel setup is this?

    hey guys was wonderin what wheel setup this below bike is running? i also have a cb450, but my rear wheels looks as if it could be from another bike possibly? it seems smaller than other stock cb rear rims, could just be me.. i will grab sizes tonight when i get home.. but for now, my question...
  19. MJPriceisright

    braking situation on my cb450

    hey all, so i had a little question and was hoping someone might lead me in the right direction.. have recently picked up a 72 cb450, but it doesnt currently have a front brake setup, so i have to do it all from scratch.. the only thing it has is the front rotor attached to the wheel.. was...
  20. MJPriceisright

    honda CB450 Rebuild

    hey guys, starting to rebuild my 72 honda cb450, was wondering if anyone has advice on the best place to find a complete engine gasket set, found a couple online, ebay etc.. any help would be appreciated.
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