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  1. rohalloran

    Thoughts / advise on Carb to use on CB750 project?

    Hi all, I have come up against a bit of a wall on my CB750 project - When I bought the bike the bike had, what I am 99% sure, were Bandit 600 carbs. The previous owner had made some custom intake manifolds too which are really well made...
  2. rohalloran

    Kawasaki 7 bolt Rotor Suggestions

    I hope to fit a set of KZ1000 P wheels to a cafe racer build I am working on ( The wheels are on the way to me but do not have rotors. The current GPZ900 rotors are 280mm outer diameter and 130mm inner diameter with 6 bolts. The KZ1000 P...
  3. rohalloran

    Kawasaki wheel fitment. Help needed with size fitment please.

    Does anyone know if an 18" wheel off a GPZ750 will fit onto forks of a GPZ900 fitted with a 16" front wheel? I would prefer an 18" for the Cafe look I am going for. Current wheel: Wheel I would like to use...
  4. rohalloran

    Honda CB750K mag wheels wanted

    Looking for a set of Mag wheels to fit a 1977 CB750K7. Front and rear. Would love Lesters but open to alternatives. PM me if you have anything on offer.
  5. rohalloran

    Honda CB750K Cafe Racer project about to start with a monoshock??

    Hi All, Long time browser of the forum but this is my first post. I have to say to all, some of the bikes showcased on this forum are amazing. Great inspiration. I picked up this bike earlier in the week. The engine is seized due to sitting up but as you can see someone had started to do some...
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