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  1. Psychopasta

    Swap out the front end of an old BSA A65

    I'd really like to upgrade the forks to disks. Thanks for your thoughts guys
  2. Psychopasta

    Swap out the front end of an old BSA A65

    Hi, I'm restoring an old BSA A65 which has had its front end replaced with a Betor front end. The problem is, this is quite long, and it was put on from the days the bike was raced. It has no mounting points for mudguards, or anything really. So, I'm thinking of putting the front end from...
  3. Psychopasta

    Guzzi Cali Cafe - Build Thread

    Those simple flyscreens on a Guzzi look great.
  4. Psychopasta

    CB550 Project Scruffy Racer

    Excellent project work Steve, well done.
  5. Psychopasta

    Kawasaki Z1000 Turbo Reborn

    Madness. I’m in.
  6. Psychopasta

    74 Suzuki T500 - The Phoenix

    I’m in, I love the old Kettle. Good luck!
  7. Psychopasta

    CB360 - First Build

    Very nice! Gotta love Rustoleum paint
  8. Psychopasta

    Show me your motorcycle lifts/benches

    I wouldn't be without my Harbor Freight bench: The only problem is that if you put your cup of tea/coffee on it is acts likes a heatsink and makes your cuppa cold in no time. An old rug fixes that: and deadens the noise every time you drop a tool onto it.
  9. Psychopasta

    No wonder they went broke

    Got to agree. Brit bikes are simple as in primitive. Who else would place the sludge trap inside the crankcase so you have to dismantle the entire engine to clean it?
  10. Psychopasta

    CB250 RS - Project "Phoenix"

    Looking great. I loved the RS250 back in the day.
  11. Psychopasta

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

  12. Psychopasta

    Norton Dominator 99

    Glad to hear your wife is on the mend, Goldy
  13. Psychopasta

    BSA 650L

    Thanks Goldy. I'm pretty sure they're on as well as I can get 'em. Maybe once the engine's running and they get hot they can relax into the exact right position. Or maybe that's wishful thinking
  14. Psychopasta

    BSA 650L

    So, got the exhaust on today. The two-into-one header is not well made as far as the left cylinder and the join between the two pipes is concerned. You can get any two, but not all three, connections made tightly: I used tiedowns to pull the header into shape and into alignment with the...
  15. Psychopasta

    ‘65 Triumph T120R Bobber - “Ticket To Ride”

    You'll be needin' a new one of those I think. I like the type with the hex head instead of the slot, it gives you a lot more purchase on the plug.
  16. Psychopasta

    BSA 650L

    So, after a week of Honeydew lists and garage tidying, I stripped the head back down to anneal the copper gasket and add the two missing O-rings: Top tip: when choosing a container for the quenching water, choose one that doesn't leak. Anyway: Annealed washer, O-rings and nicely cleaned up...
  17. Psychopasta

    ‘65 Triumph T120R Bobber - “Ticket To Ride”

    I'm in. Looks like a great project!
  18. Psychopasta

    BSA 650L

    Well, the head's coming back off soon because I forgot two small orings that fit over oilways. But that's not hard with a clean engine with nice new nuts and bolts. It's onto the wheels next.
  19. Psychopasta

    Matnetik Mods - 1974 CB360 - Cafe Style

    Nice looking bike!
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