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  1. Bucky685

    1974 Honda CB360T- Bobber

    F/S: 1974 Honda CB360. Stock motor/carbs Custom intake Hard tailed Sportster gas tank Rear fender from 1930's ford spare tire cover Spring leather seat Kick start only Custom covered wire harness Harley 12" ape hangers Harley controls with new lines. New tires/ tubes...
  2. Bucky685

    CB360 having some issues running properly!

    Have a few issues getting my CB360 running properly. It will start, idle. and run for about a block them will fall on its face when load is applied and die. I can get it restarted. And will do the same thing. If i let the bike idle for a minute, it will eventually not respond to throttle inputs...
  3. Bucky685

    CB360 Neutral switch wire??

    This might be a stupid questions. So please excuse me and tell me to piss off, if need be. Do I need to reconnect the high lighted wire to my neutral switch if i don't have a neutral light?
  4. Bucky685

    Vintage Torque Fest

    I'm planning on heading out. Unfortuently I don't think my bike will be done for the event. Anyone going?
  5. Bucky685

    cb360 Solid Handlebar Riser Bushings

    I am in need of a set of solid handlebar riser bushings. Anyone know of who sells them? Bike: '74 Honda CB360. I am using 1" bars with Harley Risers uses 1/2"-13 bolt. So the through bolt is larger than OEM. I saw these but i'm not sure if they will fit a CB360 or not...
  6. Bucky685

    Body filler before powdercoat.

    I am going to have my tank/fender powder coated (the picture attached is the color I'm planning). Can anyone recommend a filler I can use prior to powder-coat to smooth some imperfections? Thanks in advance!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Bucky685

    Electrical diagram proofread??

    Electrical isn't my strong suit. I drew up my wiring diagram for my '74 CB360 I tried to be as detail as possible. I am thinking i'll prob. use 12 ga. wire. Any suggestion or changes are greatly appreciated!! I am switching over to EMGO Universale Coils from DCC. I have no idea if those are...
  8. Bucky685

    CB360 Airbox design

    I am working on a design for a Airbox on a '74 CB360. It will bolt into the stock tool box mounting tabs. It will have brass screen--> uni-filter pre-filter-->a cut up 6" wide K&N pleated filter.(or build a filter from bulk uni-filter foam) The end caps will be drilled to allow air entry. From...
  9. Bucky685

    Michelin M62 Gazelle Tires on Cb360

    I am thinking of using these tires front/rear on my '74 CB360. Do you see any issues with running these? They are 3.00 X 18"
  10. Bucky685

    My quest to learn to pinstripe.

    I am going to try my hand at free hand pinstriping. I started this week, It is def. going to take a while to get proficient at it. One thing i have learned after reading is start opposite side that you are painting with. That way you can see what you just did.. I didn't read that until after I...
  11. Bucky685

    Brass tubing fuel lines..yay/nay

    I am building a '74 CB360. I am planning on using 1/4" Brass Tubing/Brass double ferrel compression fittings for my fuel line. I have googled it, and haven't really found a answer. Has anyone on here, used brass tubing for there fuel lines? Is it a good practice? Can anyone point me to the...
  12. Bucky685

    Bell Custom 500 Skratch "Green Lace"??

    Thinking about snatching up this helmet, since i found it online for under $60 shipped. Anyone have this helmet? What is youre opinion of the graphics? Does it look better in person? I get conflicting pictures of the actual color. Ranging from Olive green to neon green. Also how does the 3/4...
  13. Bucky685

    Laser cutting and CAD stuff..

    Figured I'd show off some of the stuff I have drawn up in CAD, and parts I have made. Velocity Stacks: Light bar/skid plate for Subaru Header for a F250 Diesel Punisher Engine Covers Chrome Shift Rod:"Making chicks cry since 1973" 530 Chain Tensioner:
  14. Bucky685

    F/S: '74 Honda CB360 Parts

    I have few left over parts from my CB360 built Swing arm Rear section of the frame center stand Hand controls front brake switch headlight bucket with lense seat(torn cover) Rear fender Shoot me a offer on anything you need.
  15. Bucky685

    WTB- Cocktail shaker exhaust/tan header wrap

    I am looking for either straight or upswept(prefered) chrome cocktail shaker exhaust. I will need a pair (left/right) If you have a set your looking to sell please let me know. Also looking tan header wrap.
  16. Bucky685

    CB360 Front Brake mount,not moving smoothly

    I have a '74 honda cb360. The front brake mount is suppose to pivot smoothly. Except mine when I move the arm. It will stay in the position i left it in. I remove the arm from the fork, and it is very hard to move the arm. I have put some penitrating oil on it, and it seems to have free'd up...
  17. Bucky685

    F/S: TC Bros. Axle Plates

    For Sale: Brand New TC. Bros 20mm axle plates. I purchased the Universale Hardtail kit. But the axle slots are too large for my CB360 project, so I had new 17 mm axle plate laser cut. New $29.99 + shipping, I'm asking $25.00 shipped to lower 48. I'm open to trades or offers...
  18. Bucky685

    WTB- Honda CB360 Frame w/ title

    My current project is a '74 Honda CB360. But has no title. And before I go about getting a title. Does anyone have a good CB360 Frame with a title that they would part with. Please shoot me a message with a price. BTW, i live in Eastern Iowa.
  19. Bucky685

    Bucky's '74 CB360 Hardtail Bobber Build~"Root Beer float"

    I got this bike from a good friend of mine who had it hanging out in his shed, that he used as a parts bike for his previous CB360. For the low low cost of one beer. Here is my other bike a '06 Yamaha Warrior. My plans for the bike are to turn it into a hardtail bobber. I have a welder @ work...
  20. Bucky685

    Hello from Iowa

    Hello all from Iowa, I aquired a '74 CB360 from a good friend for the price of (1) beer. Has almost everything I need, missing things I was going to replace anyway. But first thing to tackle is it has no title. From my understanding is Iowa is pretty slack about getting a new title. I am...
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