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  1. cafecustom720

    1971 CB100

    Fun little bike that is mostly ready to ride. Wish I could hang onto it but I am moving next month and won't be able to take it with me. I'm willing to cut a deal for fellow DTTers.
  2. cafecustom720

    1971 CB100

    For sale in Greenville, SC
  3. cafecustom720

    CB100 running odd

    VonYinzer thanks for replying. I feel honored to have a reply. Been following the work that you've been doing on here for a couple of years. Leakage around the intake was something that had occurred to me after I posted this and I plan on checking tomorrow. I do have a little oil leaking out the...
  4. cafecustom720

    CB 125T engine blowing air back into carb

    I have a CB100 that is doing the same exact thing!
  5. cafecustom720

    CB100 running odd

    So I've been working on this '71 CB100 that I got a couple months ago. I can get it to start but it does two things odd. #1: It will rev up sporadically and not want to settle back down to an even idle. #2: Sometimes it doesn't want to rev up from idle high enough to get it rolling in first...
  6. cafecustom720

    The reason I am not getting any further on my bike. 73 super beetle

    I got my first car when I was 15 and it was a 74 Super Beetle. It's still my only car and my daily driver. It's been so much fun to have and work on. Any work I can do I do myself. I drive a modern car and think oh man this is pretty nice. I get back in my car and remember how much more fun it...
  7. cafecustom720

    CB100 and CL100 exhaust pipes

    Oh man I knew I shouldn't have waited. I already have a decent CB exhaust but wanted to switch to a CL exhaust
  8. cafecustom720

    CB100 and CL100 exhaust pipes

    Still have the CL100 pipe for sale?
  9. cafecustom720

    1971 CB100 Cafe project

    Nice looking build. Might be picking up a CB100 so I'll be watching how this one turns out.
  10. cafecustom720

    Board tracker bobber

    Some really cool ideas. I'm on board
  11. cafecustom720

    eBay CB100

    This looks like a cool little bike for cheap. I'd totally scoop it up but it's too far away.
  12. cafecustom720

    Complete CB200 Part Out

    How much are you looking to get out of it?
  13. cafecustom720

    My Dualsport to Cafe Project Yamaha DT250

    I've en looking at getting at Dt250 so I'll be interested in seeing what you do with it.
  14. cafecustom720

    1965 Honda C100 Cub (Watch me strip!!! XXX S*X!!!)

    Re: 1963 Honda C100 Cub These things are so awesome. Can't wait to see where you go with it.
  15. cafecustom720

    71 CT1 175 2-Stroke

    Looks like it has some awesome potential. Can't wait to see where it goes.
  16. cafecustom720

    1976 Honda CB250G - Project far far away in Lithuania...

    Re: 1976 Honda CB250G - Slow first time build. Looking very cool
  17. cafecustom720

    My First Cafe Build 1974 CB125S

    Looking forward to seeing where this one goes
  18. cafecustom720

    71 honda CL100/suzuki gn125 mash up

    Wow that engine would make you're car have some serious get up and go. The next thing I want to do to mine is some engine mods.
  19. cafecustom720

    Kawasaki ke 125 tracker build

    Looking cool
  20. cafecustom720

    71 honda CL100/suzuki gn125 mash up

    Wow you've done some pretty nice work on that engine. I redid a bunch of mine myself too. Body off for some of it. Redid all the interior, new paint, new front suspension, new front tie rods and arms. It looks like this these days
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