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  1. HerrDeacon

    Bending Metal

    Just wondering if anyone has any cheap ideas for bending metal? I'm talking about cheap or diy metal bending brakes. I've looked around for small cheap ones and even they are too much for me to spend, especially with the little bit of bending I'd do with it. Right now I just have a small vise...
  2. HerrDeacon

    Welding Question

    I'm all set to build the bracket to support my fairing I'm building for my CB350 and I'm currently practicing welding with some similar sized material that I'll be using. I'm very new to welding and have to say that it is much harder than it looks. I'm using a Lincoln Mig Pak 140 and don't have...
  3. HerrDeacon

    Hot Weather Riding

    Being that I live on an island in the middle of the North Atlantic I don't often have a need to talk about the heat, but this summer has to be the hottest I've ever ridden in. The temps have been in the high 20's (Celcius) for the past month and hit 30 yesterday with the same forecast for today...
  4. HerrDeacon

    Oil Pipe Removal

    Any one know how they are supposed to be removed? Trying to remove my cam chain so I can clean and paint the upper engine case but its held captive by this small oil tube. Looks to be friction fit but it won't budge. Tried a bit of heat with no luck. May have to just leave it in place and deal...
  5. HerrDeacon

    Bobby Clarke - 1978 Honda XL250s

    Not sure if this is the correct section for this build. I won't be doing a full factory restoration, but will not be modifying it in anyway like a tracker/cafe. If Tim or one of the mods wants to move this, feel free. Picked up a 1978 Honda XL250s this past weekend. I've been wanting a dual...
  6. HerrDeacon


    I just picked up a '78 XL250s and from my understanding its 6V. So what does this mean in terms of picking up replacement electrical bits? I'm clueless with anything dealing with electricity, so I'm wondering about a few things. I understand the regular incandescent bulbs, they'll have to be 6V...
  7. HerrDeacon

    Help Finding Suitable Part

    I have something in mind but no clue if it exists or not, so just throwing it out there to see if someone has come across anything close or knows what terms to use in search. I'm looking for a small 90 degree thingy (technical term :) ) to use to mount my windscreen. It would have to be...
  8. HerrDeacon

    Papyrus - My First Yamaha - SR400

    Didn't put this in the build section since its not a real bike :) I recently stumbled upon pepakura, a style of paper craft while looking up some things for the kids. It involves printing out two dimensional parts, cutting them out and then assembling them to form a 3D model. It's very tedious...
  9. HerrDeacon

    Symmetry Techniques

    Something I always struggle with when making a part (mostly in fiberglass) is getting the part symmetrical. I've made a half-dozen or so parts (tails, fender eliminator, chin spoiler, fly-screen) that all required them to be symmetrical and I've achieved it somewhat. To the naked eye they don't...
  10. HerrDeacon

    Canadian Mandrel Bends

    Anyone know of a Canadian online business that sells mild steel mandrel bends? Looking to pick some up for the winter, I know of a few U.S. stores where I can get them but hoping to find a good Canadian store to save on duties and stuff.
  11. HerrDeacon

    Honda Collection Hall - Google Street View

    Honda Collection Hall is now on Google Street View. I haven't went through the whole place yet but this is great. Numbers on the left side of window allows you to change floors. Also, apparently if you press '3' on your keyboard and have a pair of the red/blue 3D glasses you can view it in 3D...
  12. HerrDeacon

    Cold Weather Jetting

    Any of you guys rejet for colder weather? When I tuned my MB5 this past summer the average temps were around 25*C and now that it is cooling down I'm thinking I'm going to have to rejet. Last time I was out it was 10*C and I could hear a bit of pinging, and now the temps are even cooler (~5*C)...
  13. HerrDeacon

    How Gearheads Teach Their Childern the Alphabet

    Came across this picture today, pretty cool. Can't say I know what brand each of them are from though.
  14. HerrDeacon

    Cone Engineering

    Starting to think about my exhaust setup and wondering if anyone here has used a Cone Engineering reverse cone muffler? I really like the look of them and would like one for my CB350 project but I'm wondering how loud they are? I don't like an overly loud exhaust, and noticed they have a...
  15. HerrDeacon

    Mounting a Full Fairing

    I know there are some guys here with some racing experience on these old bikes. I'm wondering how to go about mounting a full fairing on a naked bike? I'm sure I could figure out mounting points for the bottom of the fairing, but wondering how best to go about the top part and headlight section...
  16. HerrDeacon

    LF - MB5 Parts

    Just picked up a MB5 and its missing a few parts and others are broken. Anyone have any parts laying around collecting dust? I have yet to disassemble the bike, but I know I'll need the following, but feel free to post anything else you may have. - front brake caliper, master cylinder and...
  17. HerrDeacon

    DEET MB5 - Fully Legal

    Picked up a 1982 Honda MB5 a couple of days ago. Have always loved the look of these little bikes and just couldn't pass it up. Its in pretty rough shape, missing and broken parts but it runs. It looks like it spent its life off-road and it really shows. Going to be a bit of work but should be...
  18. HerrDeacon

    Member Map

    Its been very interesting watching this community grow over the three or four years since I joined. I believe it started off as just a Toronto based site but has quickly blossomed into a worldwide community and I thought it would be interesting to see where everyone lived around the world. I...
  19. HerrDeacon

    Carb/Motorcycle Cross-Reference

    Is there any site around that lists the particular carb that was on a particular bike? If not, anyone know what type of carbs were on a Yamaha 750 Maxim (year?)?
  20. HerrDeacon

    Forum Signatures

    I was just reading a post by Big R in someone else's thread, and he mentioned that he shows how he wired his controls to run through his clipons in his build thread. I wanted to check it out as I'll be doing this on my 350. Problem is where is his build thread? Probably a bad example, as I was...
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