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  1. ILoveThumpers

    Opinions on internal clutch kit... read on

    So I've got this extra lever on my left grip; it's the compression release valve. (Why they couldn't have integrated it into the kick lever I'll never know...) Anyway, I want to clean up my bars as much as possible and I've nearly got myself talked into an internal throttle. Then I noticed...
  2. ILoveThumpers

    CRC2 (Cycle Recycle 2) In Idianapolis and the Web

    I met Rob at CRC2 this weekend and got some parts for my GN. He is a really knowledgeable guy and shared his knowledge freely. They have a lot more stuff than is on their website; either call or email them and they'll get back to you. If you have a chance to visit this place in person, it's...
  3. ILoveThumpers

    Brake master weirdness

    Has anyone ever ran across a brake master cylinder that can't be rebuilt? The manual for my GN has the exploded view and procedure for rebuild, but there's supposed to be a circlip holding in the whole mess. Mine appears to be held in by the casting itself. I'll post a pic once I get home, but...
  4. ILoveThumpers

    Mikuni Choke Issue: runs on full choke only

    After replacing the fuel petcock earlier this week I finally had a chance to see if my carburetor cleaning adventure went as well as I had hoped... Set the choke, followed the kick procedure in the manual and it started on the first try! (Yes, lucky... no skill involved in this, mind you)...
  5. ILoveThumpers

    Cheap fuel petcock replacement for Suzuki (probably others)

    Here's how I replaced my knackered petcock with an Acerbis replacement available cheap online or at ATV shops. My requirements: No cutting/drilling of the tank Same flow rate or better Easily serviceable Cheap! The Acerbis fuel petcock fit all these criteria so I got one from a shitty seller on...
  6. ILoveThumpers

    Suzuki brake upgrade reccomendations?

    Hey Suzuki guys! I'm modifying a GN400 this winter and I'm in the planning stages. I need to swap my forks for a pair of GS550 forks but I'm keeping the stock cast wheel. That wheel only has provisions for one brake caliper so I'd like to upgrade it... to either a dual-piston caliper or even a...
  7. ILoveThumpers

    Getting your bike on the road in Indiana

    To obtain an Indiana title for a used bike you need: Original Title Purchase Order, Bill of Sale, or Sales Contract: State Form 44237 Odometer Statement: State Form 43230 (You do not need this if the original title does not indicate mileage) Physical Inspection of a Vehicle or Watercraft: State...
  8. ILoveThumpers

    Acerbis fuel petcock

    Does anyone have experience with the Acerbis universal petcocks? Their only offering with the correct outlet placement has a plastic handle... hope its not crappy. -Deek
  9. ILoveThumpers

    Suzuki GN400 Thumper

    Enough lurking, time to start a build thread. So here's me. And here's what I do. And here's the bike the day I got it from my father-in-law. It was given to him by his father-in-law but only had one owner. Basically it hadn't been ridden in about 5 years. I drained the carb, exchanged the oil...
  10. ILoveThumpers

    Good rake/trail/geometry resources?

    Hello! I'm planning some changes to my GN that will drastically change the geometry of the suspension. Shortening the forks, moving them up in the trees, larger rear wheel which necessitates longer shocks. So while I'm not in love with the handling of the GN currently (it's chopper-ish) I...
  11. ILoveThumpers

    Carb recomendation?

    I'm looking for suggestions for a modern carb to replace the Mikuni CV on my thumper. I've pretty much had it with CV carbs, after multiple issues with the Zenith Stromberg unit on my Triumph. The one I have works fine and if its the best choice, I'm okay keeping it. Just wondering if anyone...
  12. ILoveThumpers


    It occurred to me that I haven't introduced myself... First i want to say I am STOKED to find this place... I just got back from a bike show with 100+ bikes and there wasn't a single Cafe racer there... I'm all alone in a sea of HD's and Victorys here in Illiana! So I've been riding since I...
  13. ILoveThumpers

    LED replacement bulbs with built-in flash?

    Does anyone know of a replacement LED bulb (or whole lamp for that matter) that has the flash circuit built in to the bulb/housing itself? What I mean is, eliminate the flasher altogether and simply send +12v to the lamp and the lamp does its own flashing. Does such a thing exist? -Deek
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