1982 Honda cb750 nighthawk cafe racer

So I have this 82 cb 750 Honda nighthawk and I switched out the original forks and put in Suzuki gsxr forks with Yamaha r1 wheels.does any one know if the brake system will work together?also will I have to do any fabrication? I dont have the calipers for it so I dont know yet if there worth buying if it wont work together. Any help please would be appreciated.


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If you can make it better do so
It’s a shame you didn’t have GSXR wheels . It can be a mission trying to marry wheels from another bike into a different set of forks.

I did the same conversion on my bike, but ran with a cognito moto hub so I could run spoked rims with gsxr discs.

You might be lucky and get the calipers and they marry up perfectly, or you may end up needing to machine the wheel. Either way you have to run with calipers that suit the forks then go from there, unless the R1 calipers bolt pattern is the same.

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