1982 KZ1000 CSR


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I was a huge fan of this site back in 2013. It's crazy that a decade later I think I should start a new thread with a new project. My last project, a basket case failed miserably after three years. I am older, wiser and more comfortable financially. I will be purchasing a new project from a local guy who has given up on getting the bike started. There's videos of it starting and running and I'm getting a great price. This will not be a total teardown and rebuild. More of a getting it running and making it look cool. I don't have a garage anymore so it will all be outside or in my basement. I just want to ride. So this project will be titled something like dirty girl. Pictures and stuff to come. I'm hoping this forum will help me figure out what the last guy couldn't do and ride it while I change some things around.


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Compression, fuel, timed-spark.. Looks like a good project to start with; welcome back


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These can be very fun bikes to ride with a couple changes. Welcome to the forum.


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A new twist already to this burgeoning story of my second foray into the motorcycle world. In order to not dip into my savings yet, I refinanced an old classic truck I own that's worth way more than what I owe to get money for the bike and to get a better interest rate. I did this through my local Credit Union, so this took some time. While I was waiting and as luck would have it, I was cruising Craigslist this afternoon and came across a 1982 KZ1000 that runs and rides, has two new tires that come with it, only has like 4k on the odometer and is $800 less than the previously tinkered with KZ750 I was talking about above! It's a bonkers deal, and I am intimidated by the 1000cc but I'm not looking to be commuting with or racing it. It IS a much more solid base for a project. Wish me luck, if all goes well I will have the bike by Saturday and the owner of the KZ750 will understand I'd be crazy go pass the deal and doesn't hate my guts forever.

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