Black Dual Stacked LED Headlight street fighter motorcycle cafe racer

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New from SpeedMotoCo!

Dual Stacked LED Monster Light!

Product description

Fits 32mm to 59mm ( we have almost every size in stock)

Select size in drop down menu

Max dual stacked streetfighter led headlight set

This great looking headlight can be easily mounted to just about any motorcycle.
The lights consist of 2 x 20 watt led cube lights - the top being the low beam and the bottom light is the high beam.
The mounting bracket is made from anodized aluminium and has 4 x fork clamps which simply slide onto your motorcycle forks.
A very unique and super bright headlight.

We have all fork size clamps available.

Perfect for supermotos, streetfighters, scamblers, custom bikes, etc.

12w/20w cube lights
Aluminium brackets and fork clamps
H4 connector plug
Top light: low beam
Bottom light: high beam

Fork clamp diameter: 32mm to 59mm size forks

We have several sizes available.

Contact us if you do not see yours listed or are unsure.
Universal fitment - diy


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