Cafe XV920R Mega-Build


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Finally!! I have a completed and running bike. I still need to take care on some details like buffing the paint and really cleaning the bike up some more. The bike runs pretty well considering I took a wild guess at the jetting, need to spend a little time dialing it in. The exhaust note sounds great closer to a Ducati than a Japanese cruiser. Took a couple pics with my phone ,but will get it out and take better ones with a decent camera.
XV920RR a.jpg
XV920RR b.jpg
XV920RR c.jpg
XV920RR e.jpg


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Wow, that came out right, euphemistically speaking ;) :D
Any chance of hearing those pipes? They look awesome :)

p.s. But why so serius?
You should put a smile on that face ;) :D


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