CJ360T/XR600R, Possibly Monoshock "RoadRunner"


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RoadRunner said:
So real life got in the way of this project for a little while but I am back and making some headway.

A buddy of a buddy of mine is going to help me do the frame work, motor mounts, and the monoshock conversion.

So right now I need to figure out what shock to use.

I know that the Wilkinson Bros used a Ducati Monster shock for their CL360 conversion, and CompoundCycles used a RD350LC for Doris.

Is there a rhyme or reason to choosing a monoshock? Or do y'all have any suggestions for which one to use?

Thank you
I understand how life gets in the way for sure. It's happened to me far too many times during the 360 build I've had going for far too long.

Anyway, the asymmetrical aspect to the 360 frame is to facilitate getting the engine in and out. I don't see any reason why you couldn't make a crossbar that's done at an angle and have different height tabs. I'm afraid I can't really address your questions about what shock to use. There are many more on here w/ far more experience and knowledge who'd be able to give you accurate info.

As for grinding off the various tabs and extemporaneous stuff. I really doubt that, as long as you are careful, you are really going to have to go completely nuts w/ the grinder to actually compromise the frame. Speaking from experience I can tell you that what you have to be careful about is the smoothness that you end up w/ when you do your grinding. Much of the grinding I did on mine left me w/ a large amount of filing and smoothing to attempt to get things looking like my bike's frame wasn't built out of a bunch of corn cobs!


You only bear responsibility for your own actions
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That one word is worth more money than a couple of my bikes...

I feel like Rodney Dangerfield. (I did use the wrong word, though.) You made a fortuitous ascertainment of my improper praxis.


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Re: CJ360T/XR600R, Possibly Monoshock "RoadRunner"

My buddy of a buddy finally finished work on the monoshock conversion!

Chopped the seat real short and removed all of the extra stuff on the frame I didn't want.

I need to do a fair amount of work on the motor, and once that is done, I'll be focusing on motor mounts, an intake manifold for two new carbs, stainless high exhaust, and tabs for some rearsets.

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It’s looking good, I’m locked in now. Are there gussets welded in where the cross members meet the swing arm?

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