Do I need to replace rings?


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I bought a 1980 SR250 on the cheap. I was told it needed a top end rebuild. It was running but rough. I have a set of gaskets and rings. Upon disassembly, I realized that the cylinder wall, piston, etc look to be in great shape. The valves are sealing well. I had not looked at the mileage (I never trust the gauges since they can easily be swapped). The lack of wear internally made me look at mileage and I believe the 1328 miles to be accurate. I’m obviously replacing all gaskets. And if I had oem rings I’d replace them too, but should I replace such low milage rings being that I have cheap set of rings? Should I do a quick and light pass with a flex hone? Or should new gaskets and seals be sufficient?


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irk miller

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I've done many bikes where I just did some passes with the flex hone and put the same rings back in. Check the gaps and see where they're at. Within spec is within spec.

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