Home Soda Blaster, improved a little



I like the home made soda blaster Idea, but the plastic tubing was not exactly doing it for me as a nozzle. I wanted something more.

I scavenged everything from laying around parts. the copper pipe was, as is, was cut out during a renovation, and being a hoarder to some extent, I never threw it out.
I had a broken needle tip for the blow gun, which I drilled out and solder the smaller copper pipe, from an Ice maker install. the red lines show how far the pipe extends into the elbow and piping.

The small valve was all I had on hand that would give me threads to attach a hose barb.

the Hose barb was from olden days, a steel quick connect from my Diesel Mechanic days. It is re-purposed because it fit. It has sat in my tool box unused from 1981. The hose fit perfectly.

the hose was bought for a job at work that needed a condensate drain. They were throwing out about 30 feet they didn't need.
The steel pipe and fitting were in my odd parts bin....they are just slipped over the plastic to keep the end of the tube in the soda.

So the cost was nearly nothing.

I may play with a reducer to focus the blast a little tighter, but I tested it as is and it works.

If I was buying parts, I might of done it slightly different. But for my needs, this will work. Hope it inspires someone.


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They are on sale all the time for $15.

I get the idea of "built not bought" but some times its just not worth the effort


I was looking at that. I had everything laying around though. Was quicker to make then the drive to my nearest hf.

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I've been looking into making one myself lately also, but like Surffly said, you can get a good one for only $15. I think i'm going to take the easy route here.
But also, it's cool to make your own tools.

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