Honda CB 750 F Parts: airbox steering stem chain guard catch tank brake hoses brackets


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Hi guys,
I produce special parts for Honda CB 750 F, ideal for Cafe Racer transformations.
The parts are made of materials such as abs, nylon and aluminum.
Shipping costs from Italy to the United States are from 60 euros, by courier.
Here are the parts:
1) Airbox
It is a system that conveys to the engine a higher quantity of air than the original filter box, while maintaining an easy carburation adjustment, unlike what happens with pod filters.
The airbox for CB 750 F was designed thanks to an engineering study on air circulation with the aim of increasing performance, facilitating engine management and ensuring a particularly fluid response to throttle control.
- component made of carbon-reinforced nylon with 3D printing
- resistant to oil and petrol
- perfect fitting
- ready for assembly

269,00 euro

2) Upper steering stem for Honda CB 750 F
This triple clamp is a made of anodized aluminum, it is the ideal solution to create the perfect cafe racer with handlebars, replacing the horrible original stem.
It is equipped with two led lights and a housing to install the Motogadget Motoscope mini instrumentation.
– aluminum component CNC machined
– black anodized (photo shows the silver version, not available)
– perfect fitting
– ready for assembly
– available on request also without warning lights and instrumentation housing

550,00 euro

3) Chain guard for Honda CB 750 F
Made of durable nylon.
It integrates perfectly with the shapes of the original swingarm, protecting it from impacts against the chain
– component made of nylon with 3D printing
– perfect fitting thanks to the 3D acquisition of the swingarm
– ready for assembly

70,00 euro

4) Oil vapors catch tank
Removing the original airbox there is the need of directing the oil vents coming from the engine block.
The tank, which is installed using the upper engine bolt, is an elegant solution perfectly integrated with the shapes of the bike, which facilitates maintenance and avoids the use of ugly filters.
– 3D printed component made of nylon
– inside there is a replaceable filter
– perfect fitting
– ready for assembly

50,00 euro

5) Rear brake hose bracket
Bracket to hold the aeronautical braided brake hose that replaces the original hose.
An ideal solution to remove the original anchor points, ensuring a clean look with and perfectly functional result.
– component made of ABS with 3D printing
– perfect assembly
– ready for assembly

25,00 euro

6) Front brake hoses bracket
An ideal solution for fixing aeronautical braided hoses to the lower steering plate, avoiding rubbing against other parts and guaranteeing a clean and perfectly functional aesthetic result.
– component made of ABS with 3D printing
– perfect assembly
– ready for assembly

15,00 euro


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here are the photos of the parts installed


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