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'73 CB350, '78 XS650 Cafe Killer
Hello Everyone,
I recently found out that due to covid-related financial issues my landowner is selling and terminating my lease, so I am going through the shop to clear out some parts to help pay for the move. These are parts left over from other projects, most of it still in original packaging or in original condition.
I am located in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. I am willing to ship, buy pays for the ride.

As far as pricing goes.. I am taking and accepting any fair offers for this stuff, I want it to go to DDT members and be used instead of collecting dust.

Parts Description(in the order in which I attached them)--
1.) Stock CB/CL350 Regulator, good/working condition
2.) High-output Ignition coils for CB/CL350, New/Never Used condition--I believe they are from DCC or Common Motor Collective
3.) Rear Frame Hoop Kit (with frame slugs) from Dime City Cycles, New/Never Used condition
4.) NGK Spark Plug Boots, New/Unused Condition
5.) NOS Starter Solenoid Boot, should fit most smaller Honda CB/CL motorcycles, New/Unused condition, from David Silver Spares
6.) NOS CB/CL350 front fender cable guide, I believe this should fit most Honda CB/CL models, New condition from David Silver Spares
7.) Stock Condenser off a CL350, Good/Working condition
8.) CB/CL factory carb rebuild kit X2 , New condition from David Silver Spares
9.) Jet kit for Mikuni VM30 Carbs, New condition


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'73 CB350, '78 XS650 Cafe Killer
Parts List Continued--

10.) 1971 SL175 Fuel Tank, Excellent/Restored condition
11.) K&N Cone Air-Filters, New/Unopened condition
12.) LED strip Tail-Light, New/Unopened condition
13.) Stock 1972 CB350 Wheels and Brake Drum Assembly(complete), good/original condition
14.) Stock 1972 CB350 seat, good/original condition-- No tears in the leather, and there are no cracks or rust on the seat pan

== As stated in the first post, this is to help fund an unexpected near-future move; If you have interest in anything shoot me a fair offer and we can work out the details. Thanks all, Happy Holidays, stay safe.


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'73 CB350, '78 XS650 Cafe Killer
Bump.. I have no set prices on this stuff guys.. Throw me an offer.. if it's even ballpark fair we can make it happen.


'73 CB350, '78 XS650 Cafe Killer
Bump... I'm basically giving this stuff away guys.. If you have any interest at all in any of these parts please PM me.


Been Around the Block
Hey there! I have not been on in a while and just saw this. Bummer about the lease! That is never a good thing, especially right now. My son just had the rail road spike knife out this weekend which made me think of you. If you need stuff to find a home still shoot me a message and I will try to help.

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