Mesh Armored Riding Jackets - 2 - EXL & Joe Rocket


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I've got two Mesh riding jackets that I'd like to go to someone who will put them to good use. Please read carefully and consider one or the other based on your actual size not based on the size you usually wear. For reference I'm 5'9", 210 lbs, and wear sz 38 jeans.

First is a black EXL Mesh riding jacket w/ elbow, shoulder, and back armor. I've worn this one and found it comfortable to wear on warm days. It seems to be well designed and well made. It's marked as a MEDIUM but it fits me just slightly on the snug side. I had to suck the gut in just a bit to zip it but once zipped I could comfortably wear it all day and didn't feel like I was putting strain on it. I had free movement to ride safely and comfortably. I normally wear a Large and though slightly snug, this fit me fine though if I were carrying around 10 - 15 pounds less it would have been about perfect. If you are a little smaller than me it should be great. The waist band size can be tightened w/ a pair of hefty velcro adjusters and the size of the sleeves can be adjusted w/ snaps. It'll be freshly washed and ready to wear. I can get more pix if you'd like. $40 plus the shipping. (I'll try to stuff it into as small a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate box as it'll fit into.)




The second one is a Joe Rocket mesh jacket with a zip-out liner. It is silver and black and is in very nice, honestly looks like new, condition. It has elbow and shoulder armor. There's a pocket for back armor but I read somewhere even though the pocket is there Joe Rocket jackets don't always have it included. It's labelled as a LARGE but I couldn't get it zipped comfortably so I'd have to say that it fits like a MEDIUM. I usually wear a Large and just bought a Joe Rocket that fits me very nicely and is a XL so if you normally wear a medium this would probably be the one for you. It's clean and ready to wear. $60 plus the shipping. (I'll try to stuff it into as small a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate box as it'll fit into.)





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Nice jackets. I ride in that exact Joe rocket and it does fit slightly small in size L. Mine did come with the back pad but I think the shop added it before I bought it. I bought it while still recovering from my crash and was about 40 lbs smaller, it still fits but snug. Edit** I meant to add I'm 5' 11' and 215 lbs with 34 jeans if someone wants to compare.

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