My CL360 - Project "Scarlet"


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So I finally got a little 1975 Honda CL360 Scrambler and I'm looking to do my first cafe build :) I thought I would create a post just to show the progression and it would always be nice to go back and see what I've done to it. I also wanted to keep tabs on how much the project cost and whats all on the bike so what better way then make a thread about it.

So basically a buddy of mine knew an older lady with this little jewel in her garage and got her to practically give it to me ($200 cash). Bike was in good shape for its age and had been setting since 95ish. She had all the paperwork for it even had the original manual, and leather tool case but she didnt have a key for it. First thing I did when I got it home (sorry it wasnt to take pictures :( ) but I gave it a bath, took the ignition switch down to a locksmith and got a key made, along with getting a battery and cleaning the carburetors. Put the baby together and dropped 2 gallons of gas and it fired right up! :eek: . It ran really good for setting so long, it idled fine but had a small backfire when decelerating. I went ahead and stripped off the ugly luggage rack, threw a tarp over it and called it a night. Sorry again for the no pics of the bike when I first got it.

Project Cost (so far) :
The Bike $200
Interstate Battery $24 - ( the perks of working at a repair shop :p )
NGK Spark plugs $FREE - (another perk)
Carb kits $45
117.5 main jets $Gift - (got it from a buddy who runs a honda/yamaha shop)
Kawi 750 ninja horn $Gift - (buddy had it lying in his garage and one wasnt on the bike)
Petcock Gasket $10
Fuel Lines $3
Fuel Filters $Free - (got some Briggs and Straton Felt filters from the shop)
Motorcycle Cover $27 (the tarp wasnt cutting it anymore)
Emgo Pod Filters $16 ($8 each)
Ignition Switch $12 (the switchs internals were junked so i got a new one)
mini Signals $24 ($12 each)

In the shed waiting to be put on:
Gaiters $20
Headlight brackets $10
Alum. Bar End Mirror $30
Anti Vibe Bar Ends $7
Lucas Taillight $40

Swapping tank to a CB200 tank
Roc City Clip ons
Creating a bitchin seat/tail to compliment the tank
Cutting fenders
new tires, new chain, any other maintenance I find
Painting - probably the last thing I do, gunna be a scarlet red with a black center stripe

Currently working on:
Signals and Carb adjustments - idling at 3k o_O

Total so far: Approx. $468


Bunker King
This last week I did a little work to it removing the front fender and those side markers. I also ordered some carb kits, jets and other parts like pod filters, turn signals, fuel petcock, etc. Carbs are back off the bike to be cleaned and jetted. soon as I get that back in order I'll be diggin into cleaning the points and checkin the valves. This time I did supply some pics too :) one of the bike, one with the ninja horn and one of the opposite side and CB exhaust that the lady put on I guess.


Bunker King
well first I'm looking to do more restoration because its been setting and could use the tune up. So hopefully this next week the carb kits and the jets will be in so I can throw guys back on. I need to flush out the tank (there's a little rust in there but its not too bad actually), new tires, clean the points, change the oil and filter, putting on some K&N pods, probably replace the chain, etc. I'm just focusing on the basics right now, but also doing little things like lights. Later though I know I want to paint the bike a dark scarlet color with a black honda wing on each side of the tank and repaint those emblems white again. I want to lower the bike about 2" and work on getting a leather cafe style seat on the stock seat pan. I love it when the rear is all leather and looks like a big seat :) I have been eye'n some Tarozzi clip ons with some bar end mirrors and I was thinkin about getting rid of the kick stand and shorting and only using the center stand. I havent fully decided if I like the 2-1 exhaust or if I should go back to the individual pipes like stock and use that shotgun style look. I have other things rollin around in my head too but I'm also doing a lot of lookin around at other bikes to get a good idea of what I want the finished bike to look like, so the rest isnt really set in stone.


Bunker King
I havent been on in a while and I havent done too much because I have been saving up to place a big order so I can save a little on shipping. I cleaned out the crap out of the carburetors and jetted them larger to accommodate for the 2-1 exhaust that was put on and the pod filters on order. I went through my leaky petcock and cleaned all the debris from that as well. most of it appeared to be rust from the tank :/ so I know I'll probably have to go through that. Tomorrow I'm looking to place those carbs back on with some fresh lines and fuel filters. I ended up breaking down and ordering a bunch of aesthetics in my order with the filters (gaitors, lights, etc.). It's all stuff I wanted anyway and I at least know the motor runs, so I guess its not a waste... Hopefully when the filters come in and I finish tuning the rascal up (valves, cam chain, drive chain, brakes, etc.) the drive system will run just as smooth... X . x Anyone got a good rust remover and/or metal polish to recommend? ------

I'll post some more pics once I get those smexy parts that are on order :)

Big R

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You said you want to get rid of the kickstand? The centerstands are kinds narrow and can actually be unstable on certain surfaces.

I keep all my centerstands and mounts - they are useful.


Bunker King
Wow its been a long time and the winter kinda kept me away from the bike since I don't have a garage and don't like workin in crappy weather. Well I went out and started her up the other day, seems like I jetted a little off but might be able to work it out with adjustments, we'll see. She runs pretty good otherwise, I felt like a giddy little girl on christmas hearing her run again. The same friend of mine whos helped and given me parts has a friend of his with a bikeyard thats got all kinds of parts and was tellin me he has a clean CB200 tank. If I can nab it I'm gunna use it. Been workin on the turn signals as well and almost done with them, just the fronts left. Idk why but the fronts have two black wires connected to two of the same color wires?? like two blacks going to two oranges. I've been playin around with it I should have them done soon though.

Big Rich- Yeah, your right, it was just a idea cause I just want to remove all the bulk and I figured why have two stands? I liked the idea of the center stand for working on but like you said its kinda narrow and I'd hate to have it fall over. So I'm most likely keepin em both.


Bunker King
Oh yeah this pics is probably what the people want eh? lol here's some from the other night when I got home and started her up again. :) Head light is off for the turn signal work, which Im going to get back on when the rain disappears, and the rear light is also gone as I was inspecting on what wires it has and how to wire up the lucas light. I also took off one of the large mirrors just so I can find out what size/thread bolt will fill the hole.



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