New Fall Sale Use code dotheton10 at checkout- Motorcycle 7 inch Headlight Shell | 7 inch lens 7.75" overall OD All Steel | Bucket ONLY

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Here is a Headlight Bucket - Ring and Hardware to mount a 7 inch lens

All steel side mount motorcycle headlight bucket.

7.75" overall width

Perfect for any bike

Works with LED | Filament style | H4 lens speedmotoco bucket.jpgspeedmotoco bucket 2.jpg

Plenty of room for wiring

6.75" between mounts

Works with filament, halogen or LED headlights.

Heavy duty steel motorcycle headlight bucket.

Threaded 8MM side mount.


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Speedmotoco is one of our faithful corporate members and sponsors. Been here a long time and very supportive of DTT and its members.
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