New from Vintage Connections: Self-Fusing Silicone Tape


Almost entirely free of adhesive and chemically bonds to itself to create a semi-solid piece of silicon rubber that is impervious to water, oil, and dirt.

Our self-fusing silicone tape is composed of self-fusing silicone rubber and easily removed liner with a continuous operating temperature of -50°F - 350°F. This tape provides excellent thermal and electrical resistance as well as protection from dirt, UV, corrosion, water, and oil.

Applications include, but are not limited to, high voltage insulation, sealing connectors and insulating wires, oil lines, or other temperature-sensitive components.

To use it, peel back the separating plastic layer while winding the tape around the desired application. For best results, stretch the tape to around 1.5 times its original length. Press the finishing end into the wrap and let sit for a few minutes to allow complete bonding.

$7.50 for a three meter roll (works out to about 15 feet of applicable use). With about 10,000 different uses, this is definitely something useful to keep around in the shop.

Buy yours here:


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I used this stuff to fix a burst radiator hose last year, held up extremely well no more leak and when I pulled the hose to replace it a year later it was still sealed and the stuff really does seem like one piece, I couldn't unstick it.


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I use this stuff all the time. On my mountain bikes, it is chainstay and cable rub protection. On my moto, it seals where I can't slip heat shrink over, replaces missing rubber parts, also protects against cable rub...

Super useful stuff.


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Yup. I carry this in my vehicles all the time now. Came in handy when a coolant fitting busted in my Explorer a couple years ago.

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