Tester Needed for New 6V Regulator/Rectifier


Hey all,

I have my first sample of our new 6V regulator/rectifier arriving within the next week and I'm hoping to get some help in testing out it.

It's based on the same technology as our popular 12V model, but the plugs should be an exact match for the 6V CM185 and CM200. It should also be compatible with the earlier 6V singles such as the CT and ST models (with a bit of wiring work).

Anyway... I'm hoping someone with a running bike would be able to install the unit and run through some basic tests before putting on some miles.

If anyone wouldn't mind helping out, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Hi Matt,
Would it be compatible with 1972 CD175 electrics (6 volt)? Don't know how different the charging systems are between it and the CM185 / 200's.
How many miles would you like me to ride and do I do any data collection for you - voltage, amperage, whatever?
BTW, I'm running a little sealed lead 6 volt battery that has worked gangbusters so far, if the type of battery matters.
Let me know.



That bike would be a perfect candidate.

Voltage at idle and at 4,000 RPM would be the first things I'd like to see (compared to stock).

Then run it around for a few weeks. If you have a voltmeter installed on the bike that you can see while you're cruising around, that would be ideal, but not 100% necessary.




Thanks, Brodie. I'll keep you in mind for the next testing run (if there are any adjustments to be made).

I only have one sample coming on the way. It's based on the same design as our 12V R/R, so I'm not expecting there to be any issues with this one, but a field test is always in order.
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