WANTED: CB160 CARBS (dont need to be working - just look complete)


Check out Half Fast Chicago. Com

I am going to start trying to allocate parts for the "apartment" CB160 I picked up last week. I am in need of a pair of carbs that will bolt up to the intake manifolds (bike didnt come with carbs). Dont care if they even have internals in them, as the bike will never run/see fuel/etc. If you arent aware, the bike is going to be built as more of a art piece than anything, and bolted to my wall (thus the not needing internal parts thing)..Although it will never run, I want it to LOOK like it would be able to be started right their on the wall. Everything from vent hoses to throttle cables will be installed to make the bike complete...

So - If you got what I need shoot me an email @ Saytin72@aol.com and let me know...

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