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Brodie said:
Soo. What happens if you don't have facebook?
You now have the best excuse in the world to get it? ;D

I'll think of something. I don't want to exclude any of the DTT regulars from the discount.


"Liked" It and added a testimonial.

I know you will be successful as your product is good and you are a good guy too....

I am so happy another person is supporting the vintage motorcycle gang... ;D 8)


You can always get it running with time or money.
Ditto what Mydlyfkryziz says - your R/R is keeping my finicky 360's battery at 13 volts, which I don't think ever happened before I installed that unit. I'm excited for an electronic ignition!


Calm down and sail on
Every time I see this thread I think it says Spock Moto..... And I know it's not that, but it still teases my eyes.

May your electrics live long and prosper.

-sent from sea via corked bottle


Thanks, John.

Be sure to let me know if you need/want an online distributor for your aprons. We're working on partnering with a couple of other small business / motorcycle enthusiasts at the moment. I've dedicated a section of the website to our business partners that showcases their products and talent.


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I definitely will be in touch soon. Working hard to streamline things and have some items in stock as well as take custom orders.


Awesome. Our website launch is probably going to be end of this month, but we can slot it in at any time.


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Huh, completely missed this (yay being busy on the holidays!)

So I'm assuming all wire harness orders are now to go through your site instead of a random PM?


You can always get it running with time or money.
I'm crossing my fingers for the CB360 electronic ignition ;D


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Your site is looking killer Matt. I love all the options and descriptions [?]. Best of luck with your endeavor!


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Finally checked out the site after I found the carnage that a mouse created on my girls CB550 project. The site looks great. The best part is how it's a humble/friendly feel with the mention of other builders and their products. Really impressed, man.
With that said, check your company email.


Matt, you can't post a teazer like this and not expect some questions/requests :) :)
Sonreir said:
Actually, the Rick's unit is about 40W over stock.

But keep an eye on the Sparck Moto facebook page or our section of the forums. Good things coming soon. ;)

Are you going to be making an upgrade for the CB350 as well?
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