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On Cherry Bombs high pipes I made a pair of crappy heat shields cut from thin stainless.
Bent a couple tabs and used Stainless steel zip ties to hold em on.
The wrapped pipes nearest my legs dropped from 300 to 100 degrees.
I only checked the temps the one time as they work wonders.

I'm away from my computer for a few days. While I'm off , try to get me the transfer dimensions and angles and intake reed and port dimensions.

Hi Vic,
thanx for the headsup. I'm currently tapped out ! However would it be OK if I put it up on the UK and German sites ? The best way for us to get stuff in the UK /EU is to to get a crate. Individual carriage is ridiculous. TWICE as much from the US to the UK as the other way. I would love to have a set for my Glemseck project - let's see.

What sort of time scale are you looking at for a commitment to buy ?
OK thanx for the info. Lonesome win and German KZ sites. let me know if you are posting.
I think i have a lonesome twin account, (its been years) so ill post it there. If you want to see if theres any interest on the German sites that would be great. thanks.
My pal Andy is the guy you want to speak to at Lonesome Twin. I'll speak to Michael on the German site.
hey mate, hope those fires aren't getting too close to you up there
cheers spotty
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