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  • SrgtBear: Thats clean!
    Today at 12:47:59
  • JustinLonghorn:
    Today at 12:48:02
  • Tune-A-Fishİ: Oh yeah, that Deadtail Beamer is sweet
    Today at 13:16:50
  • irk miller: Yissssss
    Today at 13:17:11
  • JustinLonghorn: I want it with this hanging off of the side:
    Today at 13:20:59
  • Maritime: Is that hack for sale?
    Today at 13:21:37
  • JustinLonghorn: Yeah
    Today at 13:21:51
  • JustinLonghorn: [link]
    Today at 13:22:00
  • Maritime: A little pricey because it's HD.
    Today at 13:23:31
  • JustinLonghorn: They are never cheap around here.
    Today at 13:23:47
  • JustinLonghorn: There is a tub for $250 down in NC, but I'd have to build a frame.
    Today at 13:25:52
  • advCo: Massive hawk just chilling in the pear tree out back.
    Today at 13:26:57
  • advCo: About 10' from the house
    Today at 13:27:04
  • JustinLonghorn: I love seeing that.
    Today at 13:27:21
  • Maritime: There's a velorex a few hours away from me for 1K, 650 USD complete in bare metal. I'd already have it if I had the $$
    Today at 13:28:02
  • advCo: Yeah I can't have it snatching up the dog though
    Today at 13:29:10
  • Maritime: we have 3-4 bald eagles that hang out in the big dead tree out front, some falcons and ospray as well. Had a falcon expode out of the cedar in front of the house with a smaller bird in his talons, feathers everywhere
    Today at 13:29:13
  • Maritime: and all those birds will snatch any dog or cat under 10-15 lbs for sure
    Today at 13:29:53
  • advCo: oh yeah. ours is 7 lbs lol, about the size of a big rabbit
    Today at 13:33:53
  • Tune-A-Fishİ: Snacks
    Today at 13:36:55
  • Maritime: Yep, those go missing here because people let them out without watching. They have actually found live shitzu's up in the ospray nests
    Today at 13:37:43
  • JustinLonghorn: I'd like to see one of those birds of prey try to pick up miss Betty. Ha
    Today at 13:39:40
  • JustinLonghorn:
    Today at 13:48:30
  • Maritime: Ha, she's about Sasha's size and we don't worry about her, she's too big
    Today at 13:59:15
  • Maritime: Carpsicles
    Today at 14:02:55
  • Kamn: stupid asian carp
    Today at 14:06:52
  • xulf13: looks pretty cold up there...
    Today at 15:49:46
  • Tune-A-Fishİ: Sishi Bar
    Today at 15:50:17
  • irk miller: Haha
    Today at 15:50:17
  • irk miller: What's up Eddie?
    Today at 15:50:33
  • Maritime: it's flipping freezing up here right now.
    Today at 15:55:18
  • Tune-A-Fishİ: Dudes in need of dual slippers
    Today at 16:30:11
  • Tune-A-Fishİ: [link]
    Today at 16:30:38
  • Tune-A-Fishİ: 162.5 to your door in US or 1620.5 to Canada hahaha
    Today at 16:32:42
  • Maritime: checking out product for the phase II of bathroom, if a nice tub lands at BL we are doing the rest of the bathroom and I might do a heated floor.
    Today at 16:33:32
  • Tune-A-Fishİ: Heated bathroom floors are soo nice
    Today at 16:34:26
  • Maritime: yep, 1 4X5 mat would heat the whole spot in front of the shower, vanity and tub.
    Today at 16:34:58
  • Maritime: maybe 4X6, need to measure
    Today at 16:35:11
  • Maritime: they say you need to isulate under it so I might have to spray foam from the ceiling below
    Today at 16:35:48
  • Tune-A-Fishİ: you won't regret it
    Today at 16:35:53
  • Tune-A-Fishİ: make sure it lands under a towel bar
    Today at 16:36:31
  • Maritime: We are doing the fancy stone, have a nice shower and when a Costco soaker tub in 6' lands at BL we will swap out the jet tub.
    Today at 16:36:47
  • Maritime: Ha our towel bar is directly over the baseboard so warm towels are always on hand
    Today at 16:37:14
  • Tune-A-Fishİ: nice
    Today at 16:37:16
  • Tune-A-Fishİ: I need a big tub or one gallon of hot water or it over flows
    Today at 16:37:56
  • Maritime: I missed a nice on a couple weeks ago, could have got it for 200 bucks, there is supposed to be a couple more
    Today at 16:38:05
  • Tune-A-Fishİ: I just walked away from a brand new LG gas range for $380 at Bargan Hunt, if I had someone to unload I'd buy it and move it for the next house
    Today at 16:39:33
  • Maritime: that's a deal
    Today at 16:40:41
  • Tune-A-Fishİ: They have a few and they reduce every two weeks one the same was 1200 and they have two Dacor cooktops both are priced just over 500ea lots of refirgerators
    Today at 16:46:17
  • Tune-A-Fishİ:
    Today at 17:08:32

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