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  • Maritime: Which reminds me, I've been arguing with Jill about removing the back stairs in our place. we have 2 sets to the basement and the back are not to code, steep and we never use them, she thinks it's a huge deal. It will be a day and a half to do and very little $$$. I need to just do it when she's not home. I don't want Holly falling down those stairs cause someone left a gate open.
    Today at 10:52:12
  • Maritime: It will also turn the laundry room into a nice sized mud room and open the basement up a but too.
    Today at 10:52:59
  • Maritime: *bit
    Today at 10:53:18
  • advCo: Sounds like a win-win to me
    Today at 10:53:34
  • Maritime: Yep, but she's got it locked in her head it's too much work, too expensive etc. I just costed it out, less than 50 bucks in materials because I have the plywood and drywall already in the grage from other projuects
    Today at 11:02:01
  • Maritime: She wanted me to get the Master bath finished before baby arrived, that won't happen now being on the IV etc. but I could do the back stairs....I think I'll get her out of the house once I'm off crutches and just do it LOL
    Today at 11:07:23
  • advCo: Haha thats one way to do it. I want to get our bath done so we can get rid of the freaking Jacuzzi tub, but I think we're going to do the back porch first. I want to pour concrete slab and put a new roof on it, I'll take the metal roof thats there now and all the framing and make a garage next to the shop for the VW.
    Today at 11:11:41
  • Maritime: Nice, we have a jacuzzi too, that's why I won't get it done now before baby comes next month. too much plumbing etc. good idea to repurpose the roof and stucds
    Today at 11:14:31
  • advCo: Yeah I hate the jacuzzi. Its our shower, too, so it sucks.
    Today at 11:18:33
  • Maritime: Wow, that would suck, be a high side to get in and out. ours is seperate which is ok but we never use the jets and have a really nice soaker 2 person tub to replace it. cost me 150 and retails for 2K. came with taps and everything
    Today at 11:20:05
  • Maritime: Been sitting 3 years in the basement waiting to be installed LOL
    Today at 11:20:38
  • advCo: Nice, and yep its a pain in the ass to get in and out of lol
    Today at 11:26:52
  • advCo: I'll need to move the drain which is embedded in the slab so that will be a pain
    Today at 11:27:08
  • Maritime: Yeah, that will suck, at least my plumbing is in the second floor joists, just have to move the drain and the tap feeds from the end to the middle which will suck some. Have to cut holes in the floor then patch
    Today at 11:29:20
  • advCo: Yep still easier then jackhammer and re-pouring
    Today at 11:30:35
  • Maritime: Yes, for sure.
    Today at 11:30:50
  • Maritime: I can see why you are waiting LOL
    Today at 11:31:14
  • advCo: Lol, it doesn't worry me too much. I don't think we're ready to go without a shower so soon after not having a kitchen for so long though
    Today at 11:32:14
  • Maritime: Ha, I suppose. Can you put a temp shower outside?
    Today at 11:32:47
  • Maritime: We have 2 showers and tubs, so ok there.
    Today at 11:33:06
  • advCo: Yeah, tahts the plan. I have a hot water heater out in the shop so I can make an outdoor shower. But my plumbing broke last winter so I have to fix all that first
    Today at 11:34:21
  • Maritime: One thing after another eh?
    Today at 11:35:11
  • advCo: Yep lol. I really want to get the CB200 and F650 on the road so I can get some riding in
    Today at 11:38:22
  • Maritime: I imagine, right now is your start of the good riding season correct? Ours is mostly over. and I didn't prep the wing for storage because of this surgery etc and it will suck to get running next sprong
    Today at 11:46:15
  • advCo: Pretty much - its been really cool and rainy lately but it should warm back up soon
    Today at 11:50:04
  • advCo: [link]
    Today at 11:55:42
  • Hurco550: i shoulda rode today, but im constantly a moment away from getting the call that cassy is in labor, and i should really have a cage on hand at work for that instead of a bike this time of year lol
    Today at 12:04:56
  • advCo: She's due like, now, right?
    Today at 12:06:14
  • Hurco550: she was due this past saturday ha
    Today at 12:08:47
  • Hurco550: shes still at work as of today though haha shes a trooper. id be laying at home whining lol
    Today at 12:11:15
  • advCo: Dang lol
    Today at 12:15:20
  • advCo: I kinda want that hardtail roller. I guess the guy has a motor for it that "needs rebuilt"
    Today at 12:20:06
  • Hurco550: what hardtail roller is that?
    Today at 12:42:48
  • advCo: see link above your post about riding in
    Today at 12:46:25
  • advCo: kawazaky
    Today at 12:46:38
  • Hurco550: ah i see it. would be better at $100 lol
    Today at 13:08:12
  • advCo: Agreed
    Today at 13:11:15
  • JustinLonghorn: Etta was born 1 month late. She was too lazy to come out.
    Today at 13:19:34
  • Maritime: Ha, Jill is going anytime between now and 24th of Nov, if she doesn't go by 24th, they induce her.
    Today at 13:21:35
  • pidjones: Just drop some Seafoam in that 'Wing, run it a bit, and put the battery on a maintainer. It will be fine come Spring.
    Today at 14:08:48
  • Hurco550: haha the doc said "the baby will come when its ready... or the 29th, whichever comes first" meaning they will induce her on the 29th. Her mom came up from georgia and is performing all manner of old wives tales and wizardry to try to get her to go into labor
    Today at 14:11:02
  • pidjones: I always suggest a ride in a bass boat!
    Today at 14:19:48
  • Hurco550: getting a bit cold for that up this way lol
    Today at 14:31:54
  • Maritime: Pid, that's the plan, and it's stored in a heated basement so should be ok but I normally stabilized the last tank fo fuel and ride it for one last good ride then top off the tank to full before storage to make sure all is good come spring
    Today at 15:27:46
  • advCo: We have a couple stations down here that sell non-ethanol Need to get a few cans worth
    Today at 16:21:02
  • advCo: I need to find out how to get rid of bad gas. My 5-gallon can is full of it from Ghias, bikes, etc
    Today at 16:21:45
  • Maritime: Our supreme is still non ethanol, so I fill with that at end of season as well. As for old gas, bonfire time.
    Today at 16:33:10
  • Maritime: Or if not terrible bad, use it in your car a little at a time
    Today at 16:42:10
  • advCo: I tried that in the mower but eventually it gummed everything up and I had to drain all the lines and clean the carb
    Today at 16:42:53
  • pidjones: I have started mixing a little in each gallon of oil I take in for recycle.
    Today at 23:12:45

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