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  • adventurco: Yeah. I ALMOST bought the powedercoat gun too but its just too much right now lol
    Today at 13:16:57
  • adventurco: Gonna run and go grab a few bags of play sand. I'll post later in the turd thread with some product reviews
    Today at 13:17:22
  • vandito.cb: they have bags of different media for stupid cheap IIRC.
    Today at 13:20:42
  • adventurco: I got a 25 lb bag of glass beads for the aluminum. $30. I wont be using that without a cabinet to recycle it, thats for sure
    Today at 13:23:42
  • adventurco: Built a wood cabinet when i was soda blasting the honda parts, but it sucked and i left it outside, think we burnt it in the fire pit at some point lol
    Today at 13:24:20
  • vandito.cb: :/
    Today at 13:25:59
  • vandito.cb: I was playing with the cabinet they had on display. I think the biggest part that could make it in there with ease would be the swinger.
    Today at 13:26:49
  • vandito.cb: i just want to know if that bench is sturdy enough to accept a vice.
    Today at 13:27:33
  • Extreme_250: Okay cool
    Today at 14:29:21
  • Extreme_250: I'll be running the stock headers.
    Today at 14:29:49
  • Extreme_250: People  have said and reccomended to NOT go to pod filters, just stick with the stock airbox. But in all honesty I think it's kind of ugly with it in.. Thoughts?
    Today at 14:30:54
  • vandito.cb: that's the compromise with air boxes usually. theyre there from the factory for a reason, but pods can work.
    Today at 14:31:47
  • vandito.cb: woukd you rather have something "ugly" that runs well or something appealing that doesn't?
    Today at 14:32:34
  • Extreme_250: I'd rather have something ugly that runs well honestly
    Today at 14:33:00
  • vandito.cb: I dont know about your carbs but mine for example rely on the stock airbox for even airflow amongst all 4. pods make each carb susceptible to varying heat, wind, etc. some get them to work, others don't. there's a shit ton of factors. don't you only have 1 carb though?
    Today at 14:35:19
  • Extreme_250: yup 1 carb
    Today at 14:35:49
  • Extreme_250:
    Today at 14:36:01
  • Extreme_250: You think that looks good?
    Today at 14:36:09
  • Extreme_250:
    Today at 14:36:48
  • vandito.cb: I'd look further into exactly what they were saying why a pod filter wouldn't fair well with your bike.
    Today at 14:36:58
  • vandito.cb: yes. it does clean up down there. I decided to give pods a shot not because of looks (I actually like the way my stock airbox looks), but it's a PITA to have to remove along with the carbs.
    Today at 14:38:21
  • Extreme_250: Some people say the stock airbox on this bike is very restrictive. What do they mean?
    Today at 14:38:32
  • Extreme_250:
    Today at 14:41:07
  • Extreme_250: I think mine looks decent,  I mean even with a few simple things like different a tail light, seat, tank badges and gaiters, It'd look nice
    Today at 14:42:01
  • vandito.cb: it doesn't allow as much airflow as an aftermarket option. same concept as a less restrictive exhaust just in reverse
    Today at 14:42:03
  • Extreme_250: I see. Well right now my bike runs great with everything stock
    Today at 14:43:01
  • vandito.cb: gaiters would definitely give that a new look.
    Today at 14:43:20
  • Extreme_250: And also paint the tank^ forgot to put that in there
    Today at 14:43:55
  • vandito.cb: best to tackle one thing at a time.. less variables, less headaches if something isn't working properly.
    Today at 14:44:19
  • Extreme_250: Yeah thats what I think
    Today at 14:46:26
  • Extreme_250: I like the cover he has for the battery box
    Today at 14:46:50
  • vandito.cb: those can be cheap. I bought a few 9x11 ovals a few months ago for like $2 a pop somewhere online.
    Today at 14:49:54
  • Extreme_250: Nice
    Today at 14:50:38
  • Extreme_250: You got any pics of your bike? Mind sharing?
    Today at 14:51:09
  • vandito.cb: it's still incomplete but
    Today at 14:59:44
  • vandito.cb:
    Today at 15:01:46
  • Extreme_250: Nice
    Today at 15:04:05
  • Extreme_250: What year again?
    Today at 15:04:08
  • vandito.cb: 81 cb750f
    Today at 15:08:25
  • Extreme_250: Sweet, 1981 XD
    Today at 15:11:35
  • Extreme_250: I'm gonna tell you something man... For the longest time my bike was running horrible. Running rich, bogging down, it was a mess
    Today at 15:12:45
  • Extreme_250: I thought it might be electrical, like the coil going out, (hey I'm new to bikes) but after rebuilding the carb, it was running almost perfect
    Today at 15:13:36
  • Extreme_250: still had a slight  hesitation but I'm thinking hey, I can live with it. But I ran into a problem of my idle sticking, popped the needle jet out and all my problems were fixed.
    Today at 15:14:25
  • vandito.cb: sometimes a good cleaning is all it takes. people tend to neglect the shit out of bikes.
    Today at 15:15:16
  • Extreme_250: Yup. This bike sat in a barn for over 20 years
    Today at 15:15:38
  • vandito.cb: it's good that you're bringing/brought it back to life. it's a shame how many are probably sitting somewhere just rusting away. drives up the prices too.
    Today at 15:17:25
  • Extreme_250: Yeah it's sad.. I've ran into a LOT of problems with such a simple bike, even one being a damn short lol
    Today at 15:18:20
  • vandito.cb: a million things can happen over the years. don't ever expect a seller to disclose them either.
    Today at 15:19:26
  • B541Niner:
    Today at 19:28:23
  • B541Niner: Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego October 2014.
    Today at 19:49:08

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