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  • Nj732port: [link]
    Today at 15:09:47
  • Kamn: that ducati is not legit
    Today at 15:14:52
  • Kamn: the forum has solid info though
    Today at 15:15:24
  • Nj732port: id like parts off it, and its in a town that i would expect it to be stolen
    Today at 15:22:12
  • Nj732port: [link]
    Today at 15:22:27
  • Nj732port:
    Today at 15:45:36
  • Nj732port: [link]
    Today at 16:04:01
  • Kamn: That little hard tail is awesome
    Today at 16:18:25
  • adventurco: Got a box o parts from xb
    Today at 16:21:45
  • Kamn: nice
    Today at 16:29:33
  • Nj732port: i can see xb parts showing up with cat parts also
    Today at 16:43:48
  • adventurco: hahah
    Today at 16:45:04
  • adventurco: damnit its raining i need to mow the lawn i leave for 3 days looks like i been gone a month
    Today at 16:46:13
  • Nj732port: hey adv why not a virago 250?
    Today at 16:50:13
  • Nj732port: good n cheap platform for any style build
    Today at 16:50:42
  • adventurco: yeah i wouldn't be opposed
    Today at 16:51:45
  • adventurco: she wants to wait until i finish the XL though
    Today at 16:52:00
  • adventurco: so depends whats up for sale whe that happens
    Today at 16:52:12
  • Nj732port: what cc is the xl?
    Today at 16:53:06
  • Kamn: too much for her first bike
    Today at 16:53:22
  • Nj732port: 2 stroke?
    Today at 16:53:31
  • Kamn: the first bike I every got on was 2 stroke 250 honda and I almost fucking killed myself
    Today at 16:54:27
  • Nj732port:
    Today at 16:55:26
  • Nj732port: this morning's deer hahahahahaha
    Today at 16:55:54
  • adventurco: hahah
    Today at 16:56:18
  • adventurco: the XL is a 350
    Today at 16:56:23
  • adventurco: 4 stroke
    Today at 16:56:34
  • adventurco: her stepdad has a XR200 i think that she learned to ride on so well prob tool around some dirt roads with her on that and me on the turd when its ready
    Today at 16:57:07
  • Nj732port:
    Today at 16:58:22
  • Nj732port: i need this bracket in my life
    Today at 16:58:29
  • adventurco: i want to find a part time job at a machine shop. i need tooling in my life
    Today at 16:58:58
  • Kamn: just buy a lathe and start cutting
    Today at 16:59:26
  • Kamn: and a mill
    Today at 16:59:54
  • Nj732port: i been thinking about something on weekends any place around here is gonna be crotchety mechanics tho
    Today at 17:00:11
  • Kamn: thats like $15 of aluminum and a pattern
    Today at 17:00:22
  • Nj732port: and cnc programs
    Today at 17:00:25
  • Kamn: right to the cnc huh
    Today at 17:00:47
  • Nj732port: ill bring you a spare blue spot if you cut me up a bracket and spacer
    Today at 17:00:57
  • Kamn: sure
    Today at 17:01:34
  • Nj732port: alright time to go home and find something else wrong with the sr!!   i bought a set and im only using one supposed to be shitty with two brakes people on sr forum said
    Today at 17:02:18
  • adventurco: yeah i am pretty good at 3d modeling so i'd be into CNC
    Today at 17:02:31
  • adventurco: but no funds to buy a lathe right now, i wish.
    Today at 17:02:48
  • adventurco: first i want to get a casting setup, since i can 3d print plugs to make molds and then cast some shit outta aluminum
    Today at 17:03:58
  • adventurco: want to make a points cover for the 360 with a clear window, would be cool.
    Today at 17:08:05
  • Kamn: that would be cool
    Today at 17:13:28
  • adventurco: i did some sterling silver casting in a class i took last year. pretty rad stuff
    Today at 17:18:15
  • Kamn: Nj, will this work for mounting that caliper?  [link]
    Today at 17:23:48
  • Tune-A-Fish: Looks like the part to me Kamn
    Today at 21:38:33
  • Tune-A-Fish: Get these a jig saw, drill and a good file
    Today at 21:42:33
  • Tune-A-Fish: [link]
    Today at 21:42:38

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