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  • wahvtec: stupid semi dry county only sell beer in wine.
    Apr 29, 2016, 18:46:00
  • Kamn: whats the difference??
    Apr 29, 2016, 18:47:04
  • Kamn: have enough cough syrop and you will get drunk
    Apr 29, 2016, 18:47:54
  • wahvtec: lil mouth wash be drunk and have the freshest breath in town
    Apr 29, 2016, 18:53:36
  • Tune-A-Fish: that along with a sock you might get laid
    Apr 29, 2016, 18:56:32
  • Nj732port: :o
    Apr 29, 2016, 19:02:03
  • Nj732port: You guys got magic hat kamn? I got the low key six from them and dog fish romantic chemistry 4 pack
    Apr 29, 2016, 19:03:04
  • Nj732port: We live in a dry town but a liquor store is right accrossed the main road maybe 5 minutes away
    Apr 29, 2016, 19:04:15
  • Tune-A-Fish: This town is saking wet like prom night wet
    Apr 29, 2016, 19:08:30
  • Nj732port: Haha
    Apr 29, 2016, 19:16:01
  • Nj732port: Cashews are fantastic
    Apr 29, 2016, 19:18:54
  • Oz350Four: Mornin peeps..
    Apr 29, 2016, 19:39:46
  • Oz350Four: Just put a pot of coffee on and you folk are talking grog...
    Apr 29, 2016, 19:41:36
  • Nj732port: Iryna just came home with a 12 of magic hat!!
    Apr 29, 2016, 20:24:10
  • Tune-A-Fish: Nice! I got parts
    Apr 29, 2016, 20:41:37
  • Tune-A-Fish: Lots more... [link]
    Apr 29, 2016, 20:42:14
  • Tune-A-Fish: Headed to the fish tank to drink my face off and eat
    Apr 29, 2016, 20:43:26
  • adventurco: dat looks nice ^
    Apr 29, 2016, 21:21:23
  • adventurco: Man someone said magic hat earlier and I had to go down and grab a 12'er :D
    Apr 29, 2016, 21:21:43
  • adventurco: Real torn on whether I should clean up the GS and sell it or keep it and customize it...kinda need to pay the IRS but to hell with those guys
    Apr 29, 2016, 21:31:39
  • Tim: I'm drinking tea.
    Apr 29, 2016, 22:05:10
  • Oz350Four: Dont parts look beeeewwwwdyful when they look all new and clean...!!!
    Apr 29, 2016, 22:29:39
  • Tune-A-Fish: Tim you need to relax and burn a bowl of crunk man... lol whatever that is
    Apr 29, 2016, 23:12:52
  • Tune-A-Fish: them parts are 40 years old mang!
    Apr 29, 2016, 23:13:23
  • adventurco: what abrasive?
    Apr 29, 2016, 23:35:40
  • Nj732port: Unicorn fur is the only abrasive that can achieve those results... Also how do I need to connect my headlight wires for a high/low
    Today at 00:01:15
  • adventurco: What kind of switch you got
    Today at 00:17:58
  • adventurco: 3 prong on-off-on?
    Today at 00:18:05
  • Nj732port: Ya
    Today at 00:23:49
  • Nj732port: I just dunno if i gotta split one of the wires
    Today at 00:24:23
  • Nj732port: I have power to center prong off so if I go either on its gonna get power to the single wire
    Today at 00:25:27
  • adventurco: i wired hi to top prong low to bottom prong and hot to middle
    Today at 00:33:33
  • adventurco: but i have an off position
    Today at 00:33:48
  • Nj732port: My middle is off
    Today at 00:35:14
  • Nj732port: I'll throw it on this weekend hopefully and check everything out I have no battery just a capacitor kinda a pain for this but it's the size of a d battery so hides nice
    Today at 00:36:08
  • adventurco: Yeah my switch is high-off-low. Kinda sucks for switching on the fly but i usually just ride hi beam at night anyways
    Today at 00:39:14
  • adventurco: Thinking of 3d printing a new mounting bracket for switches cuz its too boxy right now
    Today at 00:40:05
  • Nj732port: I'm drilling a hole in headlight bracket for both toggle switches
    Today at 00:41:02
  • adventurco: What's the bike?
    Today at 00:42:09
  • Nj732port: Sr500 I posted pics just now my threads below
    Today at 00:43:33
  • adventurco: I always hate using those switches in tight spots with the open connections
    Today at 00:46:29
  • Nj732port: Eh once they are set permanent I'll cover up the bare metal if there's a possibility of them making contact but I doubt there will be an issue
    Today at 00:50:31
  • adventurco: Damn, idk how I missed your thread, you got more pages than I do!
    Today at 00:54:30
  • Oz350Four: .
    Today at 03:20:55
  • Tune-A-Fish: Has more than a ground up SOHC build
    Today at 09:03:25
  • Tune-A-Fish: thunderstorms raining cats and rats here effing sucks
    Today at 09:04:34
  • Nj732port: Beach sweep!
    Today at 10:42:36
  • Tune-A-Fish: Oh no you did not ride the beach....... on that 500
    Today at 11:21:40
  • Tune-A-Fish: Better get Aryna to film that shit then film her riding too
    Today at 11:22:33
  • Nj732port: Nah it was a cleaning thing with her job so no bike time
    Today at 12:50:17

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