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  • Hurco550: cold monday.
    Today at 11:05:56
  • advCo: Pretty chilly here this morning, too.
    Today at 11:34:16
  • Maritime: Not too bad here. Back to work finally.  1000+ emails to read LOL
    Today at 11:49:36
  • Maritime: Did the carb reclean and adjustment help the BMW Nick?
    Today at 11:54:47
  • advCo: Have to re-install and test fire the bike today
    Today at 12:11:54
  • Maritime: Good luck, hope you got it this time
    Today at 12:31:55
  • advCo: Theres 4 o-rings in each carb and they were in pretty rough shape, so well see
    Today at 12:40:55
  • JustinLonghorn: Fingers crossed for you, bud.
    Today at 12:44:41
  • minidriver8: Sup justin
    Today at 12:47:44
  • JustinLonghorn: How've you been, man?
    Today at 12:48:52
  • minidriver8: pretty good....busy....squeezing some riding in when i can
    Today at 12:49:44
  • JustinLonghorn: Same. Crazy with work and house stuff. Wrenching and riding have taken a hard backseat.
    Today at 12:52:08
  • minidriver8: yeah, i picked up a TY250 about 2 months back, just got to working on it yesterday, just in time for the weather to turn bad.
    Today at 12:53:37
  • JustinLonghorn: Winter project!
    Today at 13:03:23
  • Maritime: Yes, I have no winter project this year, think I'll just have to tinker with the GL and the Scooter
    Today at 13:23:57
  • advCo: Did you get rid of that Virago Mike?
    Today at 13:24:29
  • Sonreir: o/
    Today at 13:34:42
  • Maritime: Not yet. didn't get the carbs in before the NY trip and surgery. I hope to get them in once I get off the crutches after the 29th of Oct and get it out of the shop before the snow flies.
    Today at 13:37:53
  • Maritime: I had to wait for o-rings. the originals broke to bits when I tried to re-install the carbs the last time
    Today at 13:40:02
  • advCo: always something
    Today at 14:16:04
  • irk miller: Having those spacers below the clip makes sense for it being lean.  Puts the needles all the way down in the needle jet.  Probably doesn't start to get fuel until 3k, but since you're not running it on the road yet, you couldn't tell.
    Today at 14:16:24
  • irk miller: 3k or 1/2 throttle
    Today at 14:17:03
  • irk miller: Jet needle should control fuel from 1/4 - 1/2 throttle.  But then, if it just idles balls out, hopefully those o rings did it
    Today at 14:18:52
  • irk miller: *1/4 - 3/4 throttle
    Today at 14:19:09
  • Maritime: Well, Just got the shipment notices for the CRV front struts and sway bar links, the front struts, links, bushings and rear shocks for the Yaris. By By 1000 bucks
    Today at 14:34:07
  • Maritime: Will all arrive about when the cast and stitches come out LOL
    Today at 14:34:59
  • Maritime: The first weekend of Nov will be fun swapping car parts and tires on the cages for winter
    Today at 14:36:01
  • advCo: Yeah, I thought the spacers were weird.
    Today at 15:00:32
  • advCo: Looks like you'll be busy as soon as you heal up Mike
    Today at 15:03:03
  • Maritime: Yep, I will be LOL
    Today at 15:37:34
  • Maritime: But once done both cars should be good for another couple hundred thousand miles
    Today at 15:38:04
  • advCo: Nice.
    Today at 15:59:34
  • advCo: I started doing some bodywork on the bus last night. Played with the hammer & dolly last night and bumped out a big ugly dent that had about 3/8" thick bondo on it
    Today at 16:00:03
  • Sonreir: Right on. The Mrs wants us to get a bus, too.
    Today at 16:01:26
  • Sonreir: [link]
    Today at 16:04:23
  • advCo: Nice, non-walkthroughs aren't very common in the US
    Today at 16:05:30
  • advCo: type 4 motors are expensive to rebuild so if you get a later bay 72-79 make sure it runs
    Today at 16:06:07
  • advCo: or put a subaru in it
    Today at 16:10:58
  • Sonreir: Yup. EFI for the win.
    Today at 16:12:32
  • Maritime: Subaru is your best bet if the motor is trash
    Today at 16:12:36
  • Maritime: Plus you'll be able to go up hill at the peed limit
    Today at 16:12:52
  • Sonreir: lol... My 2nd Beetle would max out at 75 on the freeway. God help the folks behind me if there was an incline and/or headwind.
    Today at 16:15:15
  • advCo: I guess the EFI on the later buses was pretty good.
    Today at 16:16:51
  • advCo: Fast, they are not
    Today at 16:17:04
  • Sonreir: WRX motor is the common swap?
    Today at 16:17:10
  • advCo: nah, i think the EJ25 is the more common
    Today at 16:18:58
  • advCo: the standard 2.5 NA from the base model cars
    Today at 16:19:23
  • Sonreir: Gotcha.
    Today at 16:19:53
  • advCo: I'll probably do it in mine in a few years. Its pretty pricey if you do it right, upgrading the transmission etc
    Today at 16:22:19
  • Maritime: I'd swap the whole thing, transmission and all for sure. WRX would be scary, that would be like 10X the regular HP LOL
    Today at 16:26:20

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