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HELP! 1-800-CAFE-HELP / Re: Cb360 Reassembly Help
« Last post by cb360j on Apr 22, 2019, 09:18:32 »
For anyone who cares.
Here is the bike, my own personal hunk of junk,  pretty much in its final form. I would still like to build a better exhaust but this will do for now. This thing is actually pretty quick on the back roads! It's a blast to ride. It is not pretty by no means, but it is certainly an accomplishment.

In the first photo of me riding down the drive way, you see me.. a happy individual going to terrorize the gravel roads.

In the second photo, you see me, a dog tired individual pushing a 300lb motorcycle up a 3000ft driveway to the farm (distance, not elevation) after pushing down said gravel roads because I forgot to check fuel levels. And we don't have cell service in the middle of nowhere TN.
Note that the second two photos were taken by the driveway security cameras, which promptly sends every photo to my brothers, both of which quickly laughed at me.

Cafe Racers / Re: My CB750. Maybe.
« Last post by J-Rod10 on Apr 22, 2019, 09:02:00 »
^ on the frame.

As far as electrical, buy a new harness. If it has wires to and from it, replace it.
Cafe Racers / Re: Am I the Pontius Pilate of this CX500?
« Last post by Odontologist on Apr 22, 2019, 08:50:56 »
Had some Halcyon 830 mirrors on the Triumph, which I removed when I sold it. I really want to fit them on the CX500 but...

...they are designed to be fitted inside the handle bar via the usual bar end arrangement. I have some turn signals inside the bar end so I can't fit the mirrors in the conventional way. I decided to make a bracket to mount them on the bars from a 20mm block of aluminium.....

A 10mm threaded hole to mount the mirror...

...and 2 x M4 threded holes with a slit to tighten around bar.

Mounted on my spare handlebar and everything works. I like these mirrors. Just need to fill in small voids, finish sanding, and paint black to match everything else.

Cafe Racers / Re: Am I the Pontius Pilate of this CX500?
« Last post by Odontologist on Apr 22, 2019, 08:46:32 »
Was going to have an aluminium water bottle for overflow, but changed my mind and decided to replace the original specimen bottle. Had to pull engine out....

....and while I was there, I replaced the pulser cover gasket after a youtuber commented that the one I had placed did not have the slot for the breather vent.

Now it does. Engine back on.
Cafe Racers / Re: 1979 CB750L. My first cafe/brat project. Denver Area
« Last post by pidjones on Apr 22, 2019, 08:26:01 »
The stock cables tun that way to allow the forks to turn without interference, and without changing the throttle operation. Also to prevent pinching or too-tight bends going over the top of the motor and through the tank tunnel. But whatever, make it pretty I guess.
Cafe Racers / Re: My CB750. Maybe.
« Last post by pidjones on Apr 22, 2019, 08:20:06 »
I see titled 750 frames for ~$300 around here (East TN). I bought a titled '79 CB750F last fall for $250. Was crap, but everything was there. In my state, titles are pretty easy to get if you have BOS.
Bodywork / Painting / Plating / Re: Painting aluminum alloy wheels
« Last post by pidjones on Apr 22, 2019, 08:14:49 »
My GL1800 rims were powder coated at first tire change. With 115k miles on them, they are chipped all over. I just touch them up with model car paint. If I did it again, I would consider just having them sprayed. Unless you never plan to ride it, you really should use gloss and gloss clear. Flat black will be splochy grey too soon if riden. I did the Comstars on my GL1000 with Duplicolor gloss black Wheel Paint and clear wheel paint in rattle cans. Looks great but scars easy. I just cleaned and sanded them well and masked the deflated tires. Some guys use a deck of playing cards shoved in between tire and rim. Following rattle-can directions is important to get a good looking finish.
HELP! 1-800-CAFE-HELP / Re: CB750 DOHC Fork Interval Question
« Last post by pidjones on Apr 22, 2019, 08:05:23 »
You are not measuring fork parallelism as you are measuring different diameter points. You need to measure distance between the tubes at the top and where they enter the lowers. And it must be a very accurate measurement. But, yes, they MUST be parallel. If the tubes are straight and the tripples are matched, there should be no problem - they will be parallel.
Bodywork / Painting / Plating / Re: Painting aluminum alloy wheels
« Last post by J-Rod10 on Apr 22, 2019, 07:57:23 »
You're always going to risk chipping paint changing tires.

Generally, I paint them with the tire on. Scuff them up a touch with sandpaper, take them to a car wash, get them clean, wipe them down with acetone, break the bead, tape it off, prime, paint, clear, done. I do use automotive paint and clear, no rattlecan.
Cafe Racers / Re: new project idea
« Last post by sandmanred on Apr 22, 2019, 07:28:38 »
I like your approach.  I draw what I can too and find it does help work things out.

Is the frame a scratch build?  My $0.02 cents worth is I'd consider rounding the boxy shape so at least from a side profile is has some curves. 

Good luck! 
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