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    calling all oldschool JDM!!

    My daily driver. A 1978 Datsun 510
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    This is just badass!

    I'm part of a Datsun club and at one of the car shows this guy showed up. (I didn't get to go, but saw it on a post on the forum) He built it himself and its powered by a a13 Datsun motor from a B210. Click here for the forum posting to see more pics. Just scroll down...
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    81 SR250 Carb Help

    Bump So I guess no one here knows carbs? Or maybe you don't understand what bike I have? If unclear this is the bike I have Not much of a bike I know. Definetly won't do the don lol. Oh wait in order to be on this forum does your...
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    81 SR250 Carb Help

    Hello I just purchased a 1981 Yamaha sr250. The bike is in great shape, but needs a new carburetor. Past owner lost it. I know Mikuni makes great carbs. But I'm not sure which one will be best for the bike. I was thinking vm32 or vm34 but not sure if either would work. So any help would be...
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