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    What did you build this week?

    Mate, I need more info/pics on this. Looks great.
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    Suzuki FA50 Moped - "The Bumblebee," or, my first two stroke

    Sorry, dad. I did just start it up last weekend and tool around the new neighborhood, so at least there's that.
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    First moto purchase since the move and new baby. Needs some love (and a smaller rear sprocket LOL).
  4. advco QA50 K0.jpg

    advco QA50 K0.jpg

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    Single rail trailer for behind the family car.

    Looks great man. What did they use for paint?
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    Suzuki FA50 Moped - "The Bumblebee," or, my first two stroke

    Last I checked you were supposed to find me some sweet mags!
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    1982 CB750F...Better Devil

    Just run it, copper is soft I'm sure the transmission gears will grind it into a dust no problem ;D
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    Powder Oven build

    Badass. I find that using a 5 sided box is kind of a pain because you have to shuffle around the parts halfway through powdering. Which inevitably results in some powder getting brushed off. Need some turntables.
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    75 CB200T build

    After having the same bike for a couple years (also for my wife to learn on), I can confidently say that mechanical disc front brake is garbage. If I had seen this before you tracked down the apparently hard to find parts, I'd have tried to convince you to just swap it out for a drum or a better...
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    Question about Rustoleum Appliance paint for frames

    If you have the means to blast the whole thing, you will get good results. Personally I don't have a blast cabinet that can fit a frame so I opt to spot blast rust and leave original paint, scuff and paint over. It really doesn't make much of a difference as long as your surface has some tooth...
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    AdvCo’s Yard Sale

    Bump. Take this crap off my hands guys, I don't want to trash it.
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    Question about Rustoleum Appliance paint for frames

    Not sure why this is so hard. If you blast something, are you really going to leave paint on it? If you have rust, blast it off down to clean metal. If there's paint there, scuff it up.
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    1982 CB750F...Better Devil

    Depends. I've done it before it just makes a mess. Sometimes if its a cover that will be removed for maintenance I'll use hondabond on the cover side and oil/grease on the crankcase side so it sticks to the cover rather than the crankcase. All personal preference
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    1982 CB750F...Better Devil

    I'll usually just wet em down with oil and install. I'll use a thin coat of sealant only if I know its something that leaked previously.
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