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    1971 cl100

    Installed some led blinkers last weekend. Most did it because the blinkers I chose also have tail and drake lights, so I can eliminate the big stock one. However they are dimmer than I’d hoped for so I will probably end up doing an led strip too when I make a plate mount. I don’t entirely love...
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    [1982 Honda CB125S] Nearly completed LED 12v light conversion but cannot figure out this issue. Need Help!

    I actually just did this on my 1970 cl100, which should be wired basically the same as your bike, so I will try to explain how I did it. As teaser said, you should first cut the two wires that go to the “idiot light”. Since you cut these two wires, you will now have 4 ends of wires that are...
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    1971 cl100

    Thanks! I sourced it from aliexpress I think. Paid like $.72 for the fender and $10 to ship it lol. It’s shockingly higher quality than I was expecting. The rear fender that I bought at the same time is far worse however so it may just be a crapshoot. It’s listed as a “cg125” fender. You can...
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    1971 cl100

    I have considered doing something with the rear fender as well, and I actually got a rear at the same time as the front, but it didn’t fit at all. I may chop it up to make it work yet though. I don’t want to chop up the original though. I think that would also require changing the tail light...
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    1971 cl100

    In my infinite genius I accidentally cut the hole for the handlebar control wires to run through to go to the headlight on the top of the bars instead of the bottom. So to fill the gaping hole right in view of the rider,I printed up a little plug, and painted it up tonight. I think it’s actually...
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    1971 cl100

    I was able to get the bike out of storage this past weekend for the first time this year, and unfortunately the battery was completely dead and the reg/rec had puked. Thankfully I knew the rec was going so I had one waiting, and the new battery is on order. With the new rectifier the bike was...
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    1975 BMW R90/6 - Rocinante

    My local dump has a drop off for hazardous waste and such. They’ll take pretty much anything, but of course you have to pay to dump it. Not sure if that’s standard for most cities, but you can always check that first Sent from my iPhone using DO THE TON
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    Harley sx175

    Well unfortunately this bike is no longer on the project list. Since it’s not mine, I didn’t get a say in the situation. The bike was missing some parts that the po supposedly had, but when he discovered that the parts he had were actually for another bike, he offered to just take it back. I may...
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    1982 CB750F...Better Devil

    Lol what are these leaves that you speak of? We still have ice in the lakes and snow on the ground Sent from my iPhone using DO THE TON
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    Harley sx175

    This morning I got a call from my uncle, and he told me that he was at a swap meet and was looking at a Harley sx175(originally thought it was a 250) that is in need of some love, but had lots of potential. He doesn’t have the time to take on the project and wants me to return it to its former...
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    4into1 shocks?

    Has anyone ever tried any of the shocks they sell over at 4into1? I’ve had good luck with some of their other products, and I’m looking to maybe get something stiffer for the back of my cl so I can actually do a little trail riding. Kind of looks like their remote reservoir shocks are just RFY’s...
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Have heard that ex-Harley engineers said the engine they started with in these was an absolute masterpiece, but they were forced to add gobs of weight and bling, among other tuning and performance changes, to make it “feel” like a Harley. Makes a guy wonder what could’ve been… Sent from my...
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    Ignition Coil or Carbs or Plugs?

    I understood what pid meant, but for the sake of clarity, he is trying to say that a plug that still looks new after being run for a while(this is what your reporting) is a telltale sign of that cylinder being lean, a carburetor issue. Sent from my iPhone using DO THE TON
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    WTB: CB125S front hub

    I am looking for a front disk brake wheel hub for a CB125S. Should be model years 74-78. Ideally I would like to buy the hub, disk, and speedo drive all in one but I would settle for just the hub itself. Would also consider buying a full front wheel setup for the right price. Let me know what...
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    1971 cl100

    Got the gauge face to print today. Turned out ok. The numbers need to be moved and made bigger so you can actually see them, and I realized that the servo only has 180 degrees of rotation so I need to redo the locations of the graduations so that the servo can cover the entire range of rpm, but...
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