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    400four, Dueling Banjos

    My favourite would be the 400F.
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    CG125 engine swap - to mbx125

    Totally different engines if you are talking about the 80's 2T. It might be more hassle then it is worth to put that engine into a CG. A better option might be to find a larger Chinese Honda knock off and put that in. I know Lifan make 250cc engines that look as if they may mount the same.
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    ‘65 Triumph T120R Bobber - “Ticket To Ride”

    Very nice. The USD forks look great and give it a nice stance.
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    Brodie's W800

    They are a lovely looking bike. I am yet to see the new ones. None at my dealer yet. The unit is a "Nighteye" that came in a pair. They were a bit bright for my ute so I thought I would put one in. Has a heat sink and fan so should be ok for cooling. If I remember right it is something silly...
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    400four, Dueling Banjos

    Very nice! That green turned out perfect.
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    Brodie's W800

    Changed the original headlight out for an LED unit today. No problem squeezing it into the near empty headlight bucket. Here is a quick rundown for anyone without the knowledge. Locate screws on each side of headlight bucket and remove. One on each side towards the bottom. Do not remove the...
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    What should I do with this Z50R?

    As far as I can remember they are roughly the same frame as the later z50a in terms of overall geometry but the mounting points are different. If you need some measurements I have 2 Z50a K1s and an 88 Z50r. My vote would be longer swing arm, 140cc engine and USD forks sold for cheaper "pit bikes"
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    Brodie's W800

    Been flat out at work due to increased demand because of the virus. Still not getting much shed time without neglecting household duties. Managed to get out for a ride the other day and was snapped by a photographer. Had to pull over as my mate on the zx10 was low on fuel and we are about to...
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    Your opinion

    Probably mount it a bit higher. Looks like it will rub where it is.... What bike is this for? Do you have the original guard?
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    "Tangerine Dream" / Glemseck - KZ750

    I have always liked a well painted engine vs raw. Gloss black and alloy fin edges is the bomb. Paint might give you an opportunity to break up the colours from the frame and body work a bit.
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    What did you build this week?

    Thanks guys, it always surprises me just how many people home brew. I am fairly strapped for time working 6 days a week so I opt for the "fresh wort" kits most of the time and add what ever else I want to them. That black IPA is at 7% and I dry hopped it with Galaxy for 3 days before kegging.
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    What did you build this week?

    I built a keezer for my homebrew kegs. Still not 100% finished. Stupid me in my excitement siliconed the collar on before I painted so there are a few white spots showing through. Still need to add a dehumidifier and a fan to circulate the air. I also picked up a blackberry sour from a mate and...
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    Ton up SR250 - a cafe racer by the numbers: 100mph, 100kg, 30hp

    I painted my old boat using white knight rust guard. Just cleaned and prepped really well and then painted it on with a 4 inch brush. Only had to touch it up when we rubbed against logs and such in the creeks.
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    FRANKENHONDA II the 1982 DOHC CB 750F2 Build

    With the way our dollar is trading anything local is good.
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    SR500 RACE BIKE - Tracy body kit - Survivor - Ohio

    Check out Airtech. They may have something similar or one you like better. I am a big fan of the Sportster style but I don't think it would suit your body work. Maybe one off a ZRX might look good. On another note, the angle of the body looks off. I think the front forks could do with being a...
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