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    Shooting in CT

    +1, of all the shooting taking place in the past few months this one pisses me off the most, the young kids. What is wrong with people!!! I guess all we can do in the end is pray for the families. Love your kids and cherish each day you have with them.
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    Happy Birthday Hoosier, welcome to 50!!!
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    Building a Motorcycle completely from Scratch

    Thanks for posting the link 4eyes!
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    Building a Motorcycle completely from Scratch

    Here ya go
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    Softail bobber

    I have to say, it growin on me, and its different. Did you have to do a lot of mods to connect the softail shocks to that swingarm?
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    Pictures from the shop...

    Nice spread there Sonic.
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Pretty cool Bradj, I like to see a vid of you fabing somthing!
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    Softail bobber

    You had me, up untill the CBR rearend
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    DTT Photo Scavenger Hunt, Interactive Play Along,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was at the Crown Plaza for a work meeting Friday, when I seen they had red carpet I thought, wonder if they let me ride my bike into the lobby!
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    My daily ride - Lets see yours

    Didn't get much daily riding this year.
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    All great bike's, but I love a 400-4.
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Sweet!!! I may have to check out a few thrift store here.
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    What does everyone do for their "real" job?

    That is so funny ;D
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