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    Best way to ship an engine?

    I'm pretty sure I have shipped stuff over 100 pounds on Greyhound. Might be a new policy -- or might be that you need to take it to a place that can handle it instead of just regular station. The one in Phoenix that I used to take stuff to was a big shipping center as well.
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    Best way to ship an engine?

    U-ship or Greyhound. I've sent an engine by Greyhound in a plastic tub (with packing).
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    Question about Honda CB350F Forks

    There is a small slot where the chrome joins the fork leg. But you've got to be super patient and work it open slowly, especially since most of these haven't been removed since they came from the factory 45 years ago. There's no fastener holding them on. Heat might help but not too hot as there...
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    Building a CB160 with my daughters

    Great bikes, and as teazer stated super easy to work on. One thing I'd add is getting a modern rectifier/regulator -- the charging system is pretty anemic.
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    Lil Red - 1972 Honda CB175

    Throw a CB77 speedo/tach in there! I think the fit is pretty close and can work.
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    Lil Red - 1972 Honda CB175

    That thing looks pretty good. The speedo's CB160, I think -- the CB77 speedos had built in tachs as well if I'm not mistaken. I actually like the look of them, integrated into the headlight bucket.
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    Gas cap seal while cleaning a tank

    I use a rubber cork from Ace hardware and make sure it is in there very snug.
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    Anyone familiar with the Phoenix/Flagstaff AZ area?

    Bob's salvage yard is, I believe, the biggest Japanese bike yard in the US and worth a visit, even if you aren't looking for anything in particular. Great guys. It's the Bob's on Elwood -- Bob's on University is a Harley shop (that also has some cool old stuff in there). Phoenix was killer for...
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    Left side cover, green, CB550

    Looking for a jade green left hand side cover for a 1975 CB550. Does not have to be immaculate -- some fading on the paint would march my tank and right cover. Do not need the emblem but happy to buy it with if it's got it. I have a very nice brown LHS cover to trade, and/or a green one with...
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    Project "Caroline" CB350four And so it begins!

    CB550F kicker might clear it -- it does when 400F pegs are mounted to 350Fs.
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