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    Honda 650 single

    be careful how you prime the oil system when you start the motor they can air lock and it has no oil pressure light as it really does not have oil pressure per se strats out at maybe 15 psi then dwindles as the motor gets warm it uses high volume flow to lubricate everything as it has all...
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    CB750 DOHC and Keihin CR31 settings

    when one does that for me the first thing i would do is put a new set of plugs they can carbon track real quick also verify your compression to rule out basic mechanical issues
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    1977 BMW R100/7 Sarcoplasmic Cow Hellride

    you need a magneto and maybe a little richer the pipes are getting bluish?
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    Toronto Cafe Racer Bobber groups ?

    MMMMMM timmys
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    Valve guides and vapour blast cleaning...

    lap or grind?
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    CB750 DOHC and Keihin CR31 settings

    get a heat gun and verify that all cylinders are firing dohc can be a electrical nightmare so make sure both 1-4 and 2-3 are firing as if its running on one set weakly it will look like the carbs are rich i go through this with clients with dohc almost daily 98 percent of dohc carb issues are...
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    WANTED: Cam chain tensioner push bar - CB35F/CB400F..

    wow that is new
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    WANTED: Cam chain tensioner push bar - CB35F/CB400F..

    david silvers has them
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    we got lucky for a while ! glad your back and doing better
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    1978 CB550 Pieces/Parts Hellride

    so is the 360 build one you are doing with the kids?
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    73 CB350 twin HELP!

    main is probably way to small 150 mains, 6F4's in the richest clip positions, #176 P-6 needle jets, 25 pilots, 0.5 air jets, 2.5 slide cutaways. air/fuel mixture screws are set 2 turns out was what i ran on my cb350 it ran almost perfect just needed i think a better needle but was so close to...
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    1972 SL100 Lifan 200CC 163FML Engine Swap and 12V Upgrade

    i used a vm roundslide the flat slide would not be my choice for that motor
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    74 Suzuki T500 - The Phoenix

    here is some
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    XS1100 #2 Carb Main Nozzle

    on the ones i have done they are the same yamaha calls for them to be the same they only list one part number (6) for each carb here on the diagram
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    NGK terminal cap nuts?

    i buy them for my coil on plug kits and the only cheap source is a scooter parts place
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