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    CX Owners

    I assume you cut off the seat bracket, created mounts and shortened the frame? Sent from my GT-P3113 using DO THE TON mobile app
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    CX Owners

    These are awesome! Nice work! I'm diggin that scrambler, and there is some serious work in the orange and black number. I dig the retro seat (oldschool enduro look) and the spokes. Wish I had the $ to ditch my comstars. Is that a reworked seat from another bike, or a custom job? Sent from my...
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    CX Owners

    Let's see some pics from other CX owners! Show what you got. I'll start with my 78' before and after, though it's still a work in progress: Sent from my GT-P3113 using DO THE TON mobile app
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    Just For Fun --- How OLD Are You?

    44. Relative noob since I only rode mini and trail bikes as a kid. Road legal for about 3 years...but I rebuilt my first bike, so hopefully that counts for something. 78 Honda CX...hadn't run in 34 years. Knocked a little of the ugly off of it (not quite all of it though). finally made this...
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    Anyone done the Pinewood Derby with their sons?

    I'm a Scout Exec in VA. As long as your car met the key requirements, the looks are irrelevant. That said, it's a cool looking car! I don't see anything glaring from the picture that would disqualify it. In our area we measure length, height, width, axle spacing, weight, and make sure it's...
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