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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Lovely bikes, both of them! Sent from my iPhone using DO THE TON
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Bought a running titled 1978 xs750 yesterday for $600! Came with a full parts bike with a nice set of black bodywork and stock seat. Right now it is a starship trooper with full Vetter kit and awful/amazing king queen seat on the stock seat pan. Radio even works! I’m almost tempted to leave it...
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    Hard second for the Matchless!
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    New from Minneapolis

    Lots of good info and lots of good positive folks! Welcome and I look forward to following your build.
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    New guy with a project

    Nice get! Welcome. We’re a good bunch here. I look forward to following your build thread.
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    Swamp Donkey 2.0 Fat Tire Bikes Make the Rockin World Go Round'

    I saw the allthread axle but missed the socket spacers! That bike has had a tough life. And someone gave up their favorite Macho Man t shirt around 1995 to make that rad seat cover.
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    What did you build this week?

    I did argue that point, but my wife insisted it face us. And this whole thing was for her, so I let it go. Plans for next year’s float have him going on the back of the float facing forward.
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    What did you build this week?

    Gulf Shores, Alabama
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    What did you build this week?

    The parade went well. I got shitfaced. Beads were thrown. Beads were caught.
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    1972/78 XS650 Heavy Metal Hardtail

    Gotta replace that sweet sweet 7fiddy chop. I’m excited to see what you build here.
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    What did you build this week?

    Indeed I can.
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    What did you build this week?

    Very nice indeed Redbird! We’re participating in the second annual Fort Morgan Mardi Gras Parade this Sunday. It was a very small thing last year with like two sort of floats and a bunch of golf carts. We didn’t participate. But this year they asked us to enter again and that night while we were...
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    Honda Hornet 599 Retro-Mod

    Very clean. Nice job.
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    400four, Dueling Banjos

    I love the Black Knight! Looking forward to this one as well.
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    Project "Caroline" CB350four And so it begins!

    Got some more shop time in today. Started out with the carbs. The parts bin that came with the bike included a set of stainless sockethead screws (from Stainless Cycles who no longer operate their website but still sell on eBay) to replace the JIS stuff on the carbs. I also took the opportunity...
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