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    Kawasaki Z1000 Turbo Reborn

    might be worth the time to check that you bought the correct cam chain since you have found out about the crank differences between the early and late models. the MKII engine needs a longer cam chain than the Z1 engine becuase the tooth count is different on the cam sprockets and crank...
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    78 KZ's Bike - repost from the old forum (locO)

    looks good, but i am excited to see the new paint!
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    modified, aftermarket, or custom. nothing is safe (78 KZ1000)

    probably a good option if there are no reproductions available, but this was cheap enough i don't think it would be worth the effort.
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    modified, aftermarket, or custom. nothing is safe (78 KZ1000)

    This summer i noticed i had quite a bit of lash in the kush on the rear wheel. at least 3/8" that i could rock easily back and forth, probably more like 1/2"+ under real pressure. I bought this repro kush rubber by PMC from Webike and the fit is perfect, zero slop. I always felt like i had to be...
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    '83 GPz750 Resto-Mod (pic heavy)

    front end is looking great!
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    Dirtbag Oil-Boiler

    Its not the fastest method but it yields good results.
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    Dirtbag Oil-Boiler

    I decided to do the fender hugger. Getting close to having the plug complete.
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    saving a 1980 KZ750 twin

    Thanks! building exhausts is fun, and the weight reduction alone is worth it.
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    Project CB690 (KTM 690 engine in a CB550f frame)

    That solid alloy plate near the pivot is going to take a ton of heat to weld properly and i would be worried that the bearing bore will distort. Have you considered machining new pivot points and welding those on instead of resuing the stock ones? I undersize the pivot and machine the bores...
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    Dirtbag Oil-Boiler

    The new swingarm bracing was interfering with the muffler hanger so i remade it. looks way cooler than before. I also fabricated some spools to use a pit stand.
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    CB350 ground up build

    Nice work on those swingarms. what alloy did you use?
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    Dirtbag Oil-Boiler

    The wet weather is here so the bike is off the road for the season; so there are a bunch of little things that I want to address. One of them is I have wanted to brace the swing-arm from the beginning of this project and finally got around to it I used the brace off a CBR 900 swing-arm for the...
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    Question about a Works Shock.

    Irk - Kind like how plastic is "recyclable" but rarely is because its not economical to do so. Doug - If all you need is a new hose and recharge i think most any suspension place could handle that for you. have you looked locally? Alternatively there is this place...
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    saving a 1980 KZ750 twin

    Thanks. This engine is pretty mild. Mostly stock save for a light port and polish, 1mm over pistons, flatslide carbs, and custom exhaust. Compression should be lower when cold so in theory it should be easier to turn over. have you checked your starter motor?
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