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    Rhode Island title questions

    any luck with the VT route? I did a little research and it looks promising but no confirmations yet. i'm in RI and i have a bill of sale for a bike bought from Craigslist. My problem here is that the person I bought it from is not the last registered owner. The DMV was NO help and the police...
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    77 gs400 from my haircutter

    i'm checking out your build now, and digging it! how do you like those tires? I'm looking at something similar for my KZ650 tracker project.
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    '79 kz650 brat/tracker project (my first bike)

    baffle!!! I've been riding illegally for about a month on a sporadic basis and loving it. the other morning I was kicking to start, and the baffle came loose, I wedged it back I'm and rode to work. it came loose one my way in, twice. without the ability to weld, does anyone have an idea for a...
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    1978 KZ650-C2

    where did you get your gauges? i might have to take a note from your book and put them on my kz650.
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    '79 kz650 brat/tracker project (my first bike)

    doc_rot thanks for the heads up and your input. I'm clearly a noob so any and all help is greatly appreciated. I'm hoping to swap the cover this weekend, throw the battery back in, add fresh gas and try to kick back to life. When I get it started and ride around a little but I'll have a better...
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    '79 kz650 brat/tracker project (my first bike)

    as it's been a while since she's run and i'm really anxious. is it bad to kick her and let her run with that cracked, maybe take her for a spin around the block?
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    '79 kz650 brat/tracker project (my first bike)

    cheers teazer! bidding on the polished one and hoping it fits! furby - it's been a rough year and SLOW getting her up and running. a lot of it has been my own fault and the fact that life gets in the way of the fun stuff! this was just bad luck.
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    '79 kz650 brat/tracker project (my first bike)

    unlucky... Can't find it, only see the stator cover available Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    '79 kz650 brat/tracker project (my first bike)

    as much as i love winter and snow, i can't wait for the warmth. yesterday, we had a wintery storm up here mainly consisting of crazy winds. i came home to my bike lying on its side. I removed the cover lifted it back up and noticed a cracked and broken cover on the right side near the brake. i...
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    '79 kz650 brat/tracker project (my first bike)

    it's been a while since i've posted any updates. this summer quickly escaped me, i did some wrenching of my own and after a while i went the "easy" route. I went to a mechanice that works on my friend's xs400. i felt more confident going to him to do engine work. i asked him to get it running...
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    Suzuki GS 500E - 1979. Brat tracker - First project!

    i'm in! your build is coming along as i'd like mine too (mine has been stalled for a few months). bars and tach look great. keep us posted!
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    1979 Kawasaki KZ650 C3 "Blue Bessie"

    Re: 1978 Kawasaki KZ650 C2 "Blue Bessie" count me in... can't wait to see the progress!
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    selling 1981 Yamaha Virago 750... $800 located in RI

    i have title and paperwork. i got the bike in a trade. CONS: - it does not run. - likely needs a new battery and clean spark plugs. - dent on the gas tank - no button for the ignition, you have to use an allen wrench to push the button in. PROS: - new tires - new exhaust (says the previous...
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    '79 kz650 brat/tracker project (my first bike)

    ok, stator cover on after some muscling. kicked it and she started after a few kicks. the only problem is that a carb is leaking quite a bit. that is an issue far beyond my skill set, tool set, or work space. i will be bringing my bike to a referred mechanic to give it a once over, get it...
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    '79 kz650 brat/tracker project (my first bike)

    i found one for $25! i was so pumped when i found it, i should be getting it and installing early in the week. with the extra money i planned on spending i bought a new headlight bucket with housing, rim, and retainer and a new set of blinkers. the blinkers i initially bought were not working...
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