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    71 XL100 for sale

    I should probably stay out of this, but what modifications did you have to make to the frame to fit the engine, what shocks did you install, and how do the other side and inside of the tank look? Anybody want to split it up and take the harness, carb and motor?
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    How to bend square tubing without bender

    I've been using the same trick to bend and braze aluminum angle and tube, though I hadn't thought of doing an outside radius. That's cool. Maybe I need to chill out, but the way the guy in the video used the angle grinder to do the radius made me nervous; I'd worry about the possibility of...
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    Has anyone heard from grcamna5 lately?

    I don't know if he's been actively there, lately, but I've read some of his posts on TT.
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    Powder Oven build

    Much envy here.
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    Source for felt dust seal material

    Excellent! Another excuse to take a trip to Guitar Center.
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    Source for felt dust seal material

    Interesting idea! Period correct, too!
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    Source for felt dust seal material

    The felt gaskets that seal my drum brakes where the arms enter the panels is shot. Anybody know where to buy a sheet of material to make suitable replacements? Looks like they may have been about 1/8" thick when they were new, 50 years ago. Is felt from an arts-and-crafts store close enough?
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    Another XT500 build

    That's not bad at all. The parts you made look really nice!
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    Another XT500 build

    Good stuff. The printer comes in handy, eh? What's the material cost for a project like your mirror setup?
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    Shortening clutch and throtle cables

    My clutch cable really ought to be a few inches shorter (a result of my recent engine swap). I just wrote to Motion Pro about having one custom-made: $70 for the basic black-vinyl option. It would be nice, but at least in my case, a few strategically-placed zip ties are a good alternative.
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    My first bike, the 1974 XL100

    Inspired by a question ridesolo recently posted, I got in touch with Motion Pro regarding a custom-length clutch cable- the XL185 cable I installed with the new motor is just a little longer than ideal. They charge $70 for a basic black vinyl cable 3" shorter than stock. Maybe one day when the...
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    My first bike, the 1974 XL100

    Thanks, guys. That's nice to hear. Obviously, my fab skills can't even approach those required to deliver on the safari tank, but when I win the lottery, I'll commission a pro to build one for sure!
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    Cb350. My tip broke off in my carb body... pics

    Are they steel? Maybe a neodymium magnet. Compressed air, vacuum, heat gun, and/or a centrifuge? Just brainstorming.
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    1987 XR200R. red dirt redemption

    Those are very reasonably priced. If only they'd resisted the urge to lighten, badge, and anodize them. I didn't realize the CRF, 250, and 400 all used the same plugs, so that's helpful. Thanks!
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