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    1981 CB750C Build

    Tested and I'm getting spark on all 4 cylinders. All bowls contain fuel when I drained them. I'm gonna copy a post over that I made on another forum, so I can show what I've done so far: I'm going to go over what I've done since I've this problem started. Went to get the battery tested at...
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    1981 CB750C Build

    Didn't want to update the thread like this, but here we go. The bike is currently sitting like this: I decided to tear it down, because I was going to install new parts and because it started running like crap. It was cold blooded since I bought it, but it wouldn't even idle once it warmed...
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    1981 CB750C Build

    Yep! I actually found this same diagram here: The one I was looking at was crap, so it didn't make it obvious but this one does. Appreciate the help!
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    1981 CB750C Build

    Hey guys. Haven't updated this in a while, because the bike is on hold, until I come back from some vacation I'm having on the first week of April. Have bought a bunch of parts and will more coming in after that. I do have a question though. Problem I have now is that I removed the headlight...
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    1981 CB750C Build

    Haha, I know. I've looked at it before. Not really at that point in my build, but hit me up with how much you want for them.
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    1981 CB750C Build

    Makes plenty of sense. Any that you would recommend or should I just go grab one from a local hardware store? What are you running on yours? How many microns?
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    1981 CB750C Build

    Appreciate it guys! Don't know how I overlooked the fuel filter like that. Previous owner had it like that, so I just continued with it. Already have the hose clamps ready to go on. Was being lazy last night and just zip tied it to test it out. For the better, since I have to flip the filter...
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    1981 CB750C Build

    Didn't get to ride it today, as I was busy, but wish I did because it was high 60s. Now it's gonna rain all week... I managed to get something done on it today. I removed the Spawn of Satan, A.K.A. Auto Fuel Shut Off Valve. I've seen so many people complaining about it, that I figured I might...
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    Swapping out Air Forks?

    Thanks for the advice. Will go ahead and do that. I'm not planning on crazy riding, just cruising around town, the gym and back, some nightly cruises, and maybe cruising up in the twisties.
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    81 CX500 yes, it's true, I lied. Build #5

    Ah, ok. Thanks for the feedback. I'll just buy it, see how it is and maybe retrofit LEDs in it later if necessary. Still a good price for it.
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    First time project CB400f Super Sport 1975

    Where did you get the ones in the second picture? Looks good so far man. The Plastidip came out real good. People don't realize that it can. Just gotta take your time and spray it down nice and thick.
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    New Shop

    Ah, ok. That's real cool. Didn't know about that show. May more than likely come down and take a look. Definitely looks like it's worth the trip and I'm not too far from St Augustine, being in Georgia and having friends in that area. If I do, I'll definitely come check you out.
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    11 reasons to not ride a liter sport bike

    Yeah, I don't disagree with ya at all on that. Being a car guy, some people wonder why others get more tickets and some seam to slip buy with none. I've always driven straight piped cars (mostly BMWs; V8, Straight 6), but have never been pulled over except for a normal speeding ticket; which is...
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    1981 CB750C Build

    Haha, yep! Anything has potential, just got dig deeper into some. Just went through your whole build thread and damn...that's a build. Would love to tear mine down eventually, but I just want to ride at this point, haha. Will do. I haven't yet, but I will while I'm waiting for parts to come...
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    My first cafe build - '74 CL360

    Yeah, they are quite good options. I want one for my CB750, but shipping is a killer; it's obviously where they make more money. Doesn't cost $90 to ship something like that, haha. No problem man!
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